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We asked Uncle Pete to tell us more about the ways he uses modern technologies:

I don’t have a computer. There is always one available at the public library anyway, to check my emails and surf the World Wide Web.”

My phone is a Nokia 108. It’s small, lightweight, and the battery lasts one week. I bought it 8 years ago for 50 bucks.

It has a lot of functions!

The ones I use most are the MP3 player, FM radio, and flashlight.

(It’s LOUD, which I like, and its batteries last all night long.)

All my music fits in the 32GB thingy card, and I play it with a MINIRIG speaker using a little cable. (I’ve been told the newer models have blue teeth now.)

Thanks for sharing Uncle Pete! That’s a really sweet setup!

That’s it. I also have a fridge at home but there is not much to say about it.