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One of the most curious learnings from The Hobo Known-Ledge is the fact that nature can occasionally communicate in its own “morse code”. At the occasion of The Grand Hoboken Reunion of 1938, F.T. Bottomless¹ recorded (with witnesses) four minutes of such a phenomenon on film, and later that year famously received a standing ovation when he shared his findings at The Annual Trail Assembly Of The Ole Wichita Rail. While much have been said about the validity of directly correlating broccoli fractal patterns frequencies with the light bursts captured that day, nature’s crystal clear message has never been refuted. It later got validated word for word by no less than eight other independent decoding initiatives,² most of them using tried-and-true methods such as the pentatonic minor scale.

The first 48 frames of the “LightBurst” recording.

The Hobo Known-Ledge, Augmented Edition, p.721-738


Riiiiight… It’s time for bed now Uncle Pete, we’ll listen to nature tomorrow, OK?


F.T. Bottomless


Photo sheet, from Hobo Quarterly N°71 , Oct. 1939