My really (un)interesting story #2

dont read this im brainrotting this isnt normal

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so we play rebel girl. and i kinda suck as always but its whatevr! and its so fun! i love that song and its rly fun to play. and i learned cool new concepts~! and i loved it. and he was like Omg ive never rly taught punk so this is like new for me. and i was like :3. (keep in mind im actually the most AWKWARD GIRL EVER in ALL these INTERATIONS LOLOLOLOL!) god that song was awesome and we played it together with the speaker and it was so amazing. so then hes like... i can teach you some PIANO THEORY. AAGGGHH and i was like YISSSS!!!! he said "oh ya i dont rly play piano but i play VIBRAPHONE"???? GOD WHAT A FRREAKING GUY.

so we go in the piano room. im like idrk any theory. Lol. i can only read sheet music. Hah. so he's like ok so he teaches me a little stuff... some excersize and stuff i already know and then he teaches me the cricle of fourths (which i dont know!!! so aweseome) so hes like wat ru doing in piano? so i show him the Half Sheet of messed up writing Piano Teacehr James wrote me. and i was like OH ya i dont rly know.. i kinda just zone out in my classes bc he doesn't give me worksheets and he talks and he plays and i dont rly play and i need to be doing something to learn so i forgot everything Lol. and he was like Oh thats weird. i hope you dont feel that way abt my classes. and i was like OMGG no im actually playing. like its sos different. im fr learning from him. so then nico is so funny and is like yah he should be like... giving you stuff... you should say something....

so YES! fire amzing Monyay. AAMAZING start to the year! 1 hour and 10 whole minutes witj bae. Working. FREAKIN. OVERTIME. NO PAY. god jesus christ. it was amazing. ive peaked. Hahahaha IM SO NORMAL ABOUT EVERYTHING EVER JESUS HRIST. WHO ELSE DOES THIS PLEASE LET ME KNOW. i want so bad not to be me i think. i have more thoguths not abt this but i think this post is too long so ill make another post. :3

and so then he taught me new stuff! i get humbled so fast because i suck every time he teaches me stuff. just more practice for me! which i liked pracitcing. its fun ^_^! omg also he was like how was ur new year! and i was like omg i did nothing... Wbu? and he was like i saw The Drums in concert... i was like oh i never heard of them (IDIOT AF. i will listen NEOW. ugh). thats so COOOLL!!!! so yeah. cool fricking guy. anyways so he tauguht me all this stuff. hes taking on the TRUMPET which is so cool? and he was like "yep thats just what we do in this thing called music!" HEELLLOOO??? hee is jsut so Derp >.< also hes reading a freaking MILES DAVIS BIOGRAPHY AND IS INSPIRED OH MY GODDDDDDD im gonna loose my marbles.

anyways. let me tell you what happene d this Monyay. so i go. to my drum class. and King Niclo was like Hai and i was like Hai. wait im going too slow. we played jazz drums beats... whatever the term is.. which i freaking practiced myBUTTT off on! seriously. i did not stop playing until i was good at them. and i was good!!!!!! and he was like "omg ur gonna bring me to tears... none of my other students practiced" and i was like Omggzz Hahahaha :3.... (jazz drum is SUPER HARD!!! whatever swing stuff is CRAZY! it took me like 1 whole week nonstop practicing. so im rly proud!! i can see my progress.)

like jeez. soooo ya. soooo annnyways! my class ended and im supposed to have piano right after.. and guess what.. MY BEEYOTCH TEACHER JAMES WASNT FREAKIN THERE! i was like Omg. :( (but i dont like james hes kinda a bad teacher :P) so NICo wuz like... oh.... I can teach you for 30 more mins if you'd like :3 and i was like Heck FREAKIN YES! and so then we were the last ones in that studio bc the other teacher girl left... so we went to the drum room. and he was like So whatcha wanna do. and i was like ROCK SONG!!!! lets play REBEL GIRL BY BIKINI KILL!!!! and he was like yass.. whats that called.. riot grrl (stop feigning innocense. i know you know Nico) and i was like YISSS i love riot grrrl... and he was like Omg do u know Bratmobile and i was like YES!! Love them.

and i was like Yah i should.. so hes like you should give you like sheet music... and like... Not. and i was lke yeah. and he was like Omg sorry not to shit on him (HE ACTUALLY SAID THAT LOLOL. cursing funy) like he can teach however.. (backtracking af. but i agree with him) but you should do this and give him sheet music to teach you so you can like actualyly practice and learn! and ask questions! and i wa s like Yah thats my problem >.< but ya i hopefully will... he was like :3 (mr vibraphone. jeus fricking christ.) so we left. and i think today was the best day of my life. Fit was fire too. fishy t shirt. baggy jeans. white vans. and that freaking lesbian ass carabiner.

the drums the band he saw VVVVVV


the freaking VIBRAPHONE???! ^^^^

he told me to find jazz sheet music with this font!!!1

me being normal about everything:

hello! >_< it's me again. its the first day of 2024! today was really good! i won really good at Squishmallow Monopoly against my family. obviously. ^_^ and guess what! Its MONYAY!!!!!!!!!!!obviously. i was 3 weeks no monyay. but no. TODAy is monyay! and it was worth the 3 weeks. Lol. idk why i have brainrot. or Wut da heck is wron g with me for this. but i talked to my sister and she also gets like obsessions with people she think are cool. but i still feel like.idk. i think i should syart being normal. but its so funny in my head!

THIS IS SO UNTERESTING. i need to mind dump somehwere. winter break has caused me to have too many thoughtsand i cannot keep spamming my twitter and instagram. i need to overshare somewhere else. but i think the orgin is that i want to not be me so i want to be my coolo guy! so i will change everythuiig about myself. Yis. Uhgh. (FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)