my really (un)interesting thoughts #1

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Happy Coolsday! in my ap seminar class right neown enoeenowneoneennmereeeoowww. that fire cat is me BTW its my selfie. Lol. i love the font comic sans. JustCantGetEnoguh (by the black eyed peas!!!!!!!!!!). today imm on fire. Kinda. I NEED WINTER BREAK TO START. i need to buy christmas presents. UGHH. thats so hard. its really hot in this classroom right now. OMG my face turns red so EASILY. its actually kind of rly embarassing. yesrterday i was in Monyay class with the LOML and i swear idk waht the eff is wrong with that place but my face was getting so red.

this mornining i got starbies matcha latte with oatmiklk and vanilla coldfoam. im so afficted its so GOOD OSSOSOS goofdddddd actualyl omg.z. Bussin'! BUTTTTTTTT ANYWAYS OMG my freaking dumb stupid HI-HAT AND THE CRASH ON MY STUPID ELECTRIC DRUM KIT BROKE OH MY GOD IVE HAD IT FOR LIKE THREE MONTHS I LITERALLY JUST BOUGHT IT!!! im so genuinely upset. i was so sad yesterday i started listening to sad music. oh my gof speaking of

i think that being a lesbian has granted me the power of curating and creating the most specific curated hyperspecific playlists known to man. i think someone could pay me for it i swear. i was like i need to make a hyperspeciifc playlist that specpfically has these lyerics but also sounds this way. and i did it Ez Claps. i think thats my lesbian magical power. i made a rly good one yesterday about Moving On and being an Empowered young gal. (kinda.) i love you fiona apple and kings of convenience. God Bless America. (and im fs not going to the mall on saturday. IDIOT!!!!!)

kings of convenience! (perks of being a lesbian)

im making it rrainbow can you tell?! omg. i was on the Gram (as one does) and thius. girl. from my ASB CLASS genuionely i dont think i have more hate in me. she did her stupid af insta post going to disneyland her caption? was "so acoustic <3". girl. GIRL. i hate everyone ur so ANNOYING and unfunny. Ok. sorry Love & Peace!!!!!! Love you.. queen. Lol. UGH. UGGGHH. whatever. i am addicted to my phone anyways. i need to get out into this world and do things with my life! now that im a new girl... im a new girl Independent awesome and i make my own decisions!


ooookkaayyyy. anywayas.ssssssss. waht else.. i talked to a british person yestrday it was crazy she was so cockney. and also UGH. i hate people with supprotive parents (lie) (whatever IDC) (jelly AF). You gotta do waht u gotta do ig. is it bad that i make thsese posts soso long???? i like making them long because they r aesthetical... but i feel like everyone else on this website makes their posts short but probably puts more effort into making them aesthetical. Idk. Its Chikll.

this is an actual image of the supportive ally cockney british lady i talked to. i wonder if her kid is gonna go to my shcool.

"Ello can you tell me what ASB stands for Idk this American Lingo still getin used tu it!" - her

me when i pass my drivers test on THURSDAY! VVV

mreow. im taking my drivers test on thurdssay. im scared i wont pas it. if i dont ill be so embarassed probbly. i want jamba juice though. Sigh. ok Neow im in my 5hth period. HAhahahaahhahaahah. i just summoned someone CRAZY from their 5th period to takea pic. Wow. #Healing..... (okay. LOL)!!!!!!!!! i think im making a bad decision to go to da mall with da X-GF on saturday. maybe...i need to go back on that decision. but also i need to Stay Nice. idk.. this whole thing is rly weird. im liking da Single Pringle life tho (i can be in love with random Men! and be truly myself without Someone thinnking im CHEATING ON THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! Erm. Awko!!!!!!!!!!)