my really (un)interesting thoughts #10

sweaty hands. mostly. luv monyays

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good evening my lovely friends ! :3




yay! monyay! this monyay came fast. i didnt go to school today because the rainstorm is actually insane dude! and like nobody went to school... Lol! well anyways. it was monyay as always. as always i am humbled in my musical knowledge and have to think super hard to play basic paino things. but its kinda aweosme. but i have NO IDEA what my guy was asking me to practice.. Comping... i love..that word.. (i am so terrified of actual improvising so im gonna pretend that is not basically what he asked me to do. I HATE IMPROV. something about having the pressure of having it all be up to me is terrifying. i dont trust myself to ACTUALLy come up with something good.. sigh.. but this is literally what i signed up for. literally all jazz is... is improv basically.. like Bro. Deal with it. i need to trust in myself.. but while someone is watching is Omg.)

well. its all good fun. maybe i will Shoot him an Email and ask Pls help idk wut da frick to do Omg. ok how the hek is anyone supposed to help music through email.. BRah.. well idk. well see. but its hard. and i SUCKKKKK. Yolo tho. i live on the edge. welp.... i drummded and i WASNT super.. horrible. kinda. i played Puh-guh-duhs (i like that word but i jsut looked it up and apprently its puh-duh-duh... puh-guh-duh is better. Nico On Top.) and i sucked kinda. but im trying my best. but you know what? its SO.DAMN. HOT. in thaat DANG STUDIO. i am literally sweating the moment i walk in there. REGARDLESS OF THE WEATHER!! and today it was SOO BAD bbecause idk apparently im so tense *crying emoji* and he was like okkk... i will teach u traditional stick grip method.. just so u know. :3 and i was like Oki. and then ensued the WORST like 3 minutes of my LIFE. ok traidtional drumstick grip is the DUMBEST THING EVER IN THE STUPID WORLD I TELL YOU! omg. its like holding a thick freaking stick like a pencil but not. and let me tell you i have the most embarassing worst HANDS to ever exist as dumb as it sounds LOL.... like. its so horrible... im always so embare

"and then it's 3am i'm on the corner wearing my leather and this dude comes up to me and says 'hey punk' i'm like, yeah, whatever"

currently insanely obsessed with this song i need it like injected in me. the piano and the horns together is so beautiful its indescribable. ty nico for pmo. as always....

"i'm not that nice! i'm mean and i'm evil! don't call me nice! i'm gonna eat your heart out! i've got some work to do!"

guess who pmo..

idk what it is but this song is just so cute to me its like the horns are having a little conversation!!! like i can HEAR them just chatting! they r just little guys.. so adorable!.. Song creds Nico.

my fingers r like weirdly stupidly short. *CRY EMOJI* IDK WHY THEY R SO NOT NORMAL. and then i have freaking idk dermatilliamaniaWhatever sso my fingers are always all scabbed and they bleed like every other day and its so Awful and EMBARASSING. ok those two. PLUS. my hands were SOOOOOOOO SWEATY in that STUPID room im like actually dying in there. and i have to LEARN THIS STUPID STICK GRIP AND ITS SO HARD. WHO TF CAME UP WITH THIS? so im like laughign cuz i suck and this stupid stick is like falling out fo my hand cuz its so sweaty and my FREAKING NICDONTSURF starts grabiing my hand and ADJSUTING IT like 10 TIMES BROOO i actually wanted to die right there. bro is touching at my sweaty short scabbed up hand and i like can't hold this stupid stick right and i kept just laughing awkwardly cuz i suck. and also i dont think i can even recreate that stupid grip. without.. flashbacks. i was so embarased. (not really. just caught off gaurd didnt think we'd be freaking holding hands today bro. Chillax.) LOL. well anyways. he did say to me and i qUOTE! "brooke i am very impressed!" when i Comped. like triplet.. things.. idk what the words are. BUT I THINK I WIN! HES IMPRESSED!


YAY! it all pays off. i think right now this is a really awesome and fun interest. that im obsessed with rn! andi like my interests. like rhythm heaven and hermitcraft. i love them too much. :3 well.. anyway. i can see myself improving a lot! i think it's really cool to subconsciously improve in things... like one day you can't do something and then you try it again a while later and suddenly you can magically DO IT! it is such a good feeling. that happened to me! i can play so many faster songs i couldn't play (and tried to) before just because i have improved! and like oh man. going through constant change is just such an awesome thing, and im glad i have control of myself and my actions... lol.... if that sounds silly.. :3 i can now play some of my fave heavenly songs! and i can play becky by byop SO GOOD! my mom gifted me this amazing victorian style sticker book today and im rly excited about it! luv stickers!! i decorated my folders and such. HeHe. i don't want to go out in the rain tomorrow to school... literally the leader guy declared a STATE OF EMERGENCY but Whatever. at least i get to see all my buddies! Yippee! Love Those Guys.

song of da night

well i appreciate all my monyay fans (me) for tuning in this monyay. id say this was a pretty great monyay! again.. this has kindof just turned into a music progress report//music blog//idk. but Ya know i go where the wind take me (I SUPPOSE! IIIII SUPPOSE HEY!!!!!!) Stay tuned for more amazing posts this week by Me. maybe. if i have time. and motivation! i love you all on the internet :3c