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good evening the internet! annnd i wish you a......

song this week goes to!


YAY! finally it is monyay and we have a whole week ahead of us. trying to stay so excited... like its valentines day! im super excited :3 i am gonna hangout with my two BIFFLES and also go to youth groups... :3 which is awesome.. im so exctied! ohhh Man. okk. i had a substitue teacher today in my music lesssons!! no Kingdontsurf... Sigh. jk. it was actually so aweosme. i had this guy named isaac as my teacher and he was super cool! he was super chill so i felt comfortable to like talk and stuff (cough NATE THE FREAK cough. i hate seeing him.). welp! i liked this guy isaac a loottt! i like how he viewed things.. it was cool. also he explained things good. like... he explained music like it was a sentence and every little measure you play is a word! and i was like Wow mind blown dats awesome! and he was funny.. he taught me like listening and copying things and Ugh. right after i got good at reading sheet music BAM hes telling me NOT TO read sheet music Ugh. but i did good i think. and he taught me techniques for hitting the kick faster... and he taught me better than the youtube videos i watched! it was pretty awesome. and also he said that Nico told him ALL about me. and that FREAKED ME OUT. when people say that ITS SO SCARY!?? "oh ya ive heard ALL about you".. WHAT DO YOU MEAN.

"Bring the world together, only to tear it apart. Document the moment, thought it'd make great art. Testify to no one, the message is so clear. The ones you choose to lead you are the ones that you should fear"

song this week goes to!


like thats genuinely terrifying. but he was like Yah he said he thought u were Supa Cool and Sick cuz its cool u r interested jaz. (not quoted. something like that..). and i was like Hah. yay. Thanks. welll.. anyways. he taught me. he also like started to sing in cursive??? it was funny... like he was singing along to his favorite song (satin doll.. IDK WHICH VERSION THOUGH IM TRYING TO FIND IT BUT I CANT.) but in CURSIVE? LOL. muscians. sooo..funny.. well anyways. he also started like yelling lowkey like he kept on brininging out freaking satin doll as an example and he like yelled YEP LETS BRING BACK SATIN DOLL HAHAHA. ok king i think i know ur fave song. but overall he was great! and he also tuaght me things i already knew.. but he didn't know that so Meh. BRO DID NOT HELP ME FREAKING COMP ON THE STUPID PIANO. oh my GOD. this WHOLE week i have been freaking the freak out because i don't freaking know how to comp and nico told me to practice comping. Eye Twitch. it got so bad this past week i was jsut staring at those STUPID papers all like. bro. WtaFRICK DO I DO. IM IN HWLL. and i was so scared for today because i was gonna show up with NOTHING TO SHOW FOR. NO COMPING. just sadness and a lack of ability to comprehend any jazz theory. but NO i had a SUB. so it was 1. relieving that i didn't have to go through the sadness of going to class not being able to do what he told me to practice. but also 2. NOW I HAVE TO SEE NICO NEXT WEEK AND STILL NOT KNOW HOW TO COMP. and itll be WORSE cuz i had MORE TIME. and ISAAC DIDN"T EVEN HELP ME. he taught me fifths and stuff. BRO. (it was good stuff tho. thx.)

"And in leather, lace and chains, we stake our claim. Revolution once again. No I won't, I won't wear it on my sleeve. I can see through this expression and you know I don't believe. Too old to be told, exactly who are you? Tonight, tomorrow's too late"

"I heard a sigh up in the sky.

Coming from Jupiter or Venus;

Is it a warning out of love

Or planets trying to defeat us?"

another song obsession:



OMG but also isaac was like Omg btw if i know any jazz shows that aren't 21+ and not super late i will totally send the info ur way!! and i was like Omg No Way. SO AWESEOME. THANKS!!! well anyways. Here's to ANOTHER WEEK of being stressed out about comping on the piano. idk waht it is. im pretty confident i can comp in the drums more or less. but idk. i think i suck at my scales. Thanks a lot. UGH. I WATCHED YOUTUBE TUTORITALS AND EVERYTHING. but Naw. so embarassing bro. UGH. it okay i will power. on. and maybe try really hard this wekk. but im really stressed out.. i have so much work in school its insane. how do i only have three academic classes and school is this hard? im so freaked out. and i have NO TRUST in ANY group work oh my god EVERYONE LETS ME DOWN. or maybe im just a control freak. but bro... i have a AP seminar presentation.. and im SO scared of these two girls in my group because i read their individual essays and.... Yeah. im so scared. and this is gonna count towards my AP SCORE. Bro. Praying me and my good Pal other group member (Hai :3) will be able to make it good.. i just have no trust. and ASB oh my GOD NOBODY IN THERE KNOWS HOW TO DO ANYTHING and i have to DO EVERYTHING MYSELF!! and i get NO CREDIT cuz no one in there LIKes MEEE. Sigh. Naw... i got to stay pawsitive. i am just frustrated. but idk. u learn. and u live. and im Livin. and Learnin. yis. YAY! and it will pass..!!! :D PLS BROOKE KEEP THE MINDSET.

oh man. my eyes are burning and i need to sleep. but i have SO MANY THOUGHTS TODAAYAYYY. do u think i write too much words.. Brah. DUDE my earring fell out of my ear and now im earring-less. shoutout to my glorious biffle af to lending me ur one earring.. out of ur ear.. for like 4 hours. also today my little cousin called me (hes like 10) and we played aninmal crossing together he is SOOO CUUTTEEE!!!i love him so much! i showed him my island (that i haven't logged into in 2 years and 3 months) and he was really impressed and Jelly. Haha He mad im Gud (hes 10. and his island is poorly decorated... sucker.) JK. i gave him 4 million bells because i love him and he likes fnaf. my glorious king. i was like him that age except i liked warrior cats and was on amino. he has WAY too much internet access for being 10. but Yk thats just how it Be. omg also. i kinda realized.. i feel like i live under a FREAKING ROCK. oh my GOD. i was on call with this group of people i dont RLY talk to but for some reason they invited me to their minecraft server and im like idk branching out and Bro. i swear to god i live under a rock because i do not know how to talk to people like that. all Da References. and IDK WHAT EVEN. im just so glad im not a man. who's Weird. but actually it was interesting getting different perspecitves of people yk? i feel like i honestly only talk to my two friends ever so i was like wow these people are sooooooo different.... than them... Yeah. but like. im glad i have my 2 friends. because. i like how they are.. and how they act.. i got lucky I Think. im glad they r the peeps i ended up with in the end!

honestly i have no idea if the intrument in this song is a xylaphone or a vibraphone or another type of phone but i LOVE THIS INSTRUMENT SOUND it it soooo nice and happy and it just makes u feel so happy. im like HeHeHe when im listening to dis. my eyes r burnign Bro wtf.

oh my GOSHSH this song is SOO FIRE all 10 minutes and 3 seconds bro. even though the alvum cover is kinda funny. i Luv dis song. i feel liek im in black in white and like a detective solving a crime or soemthing. if that doesnt sound silly.. Hah.

my jazz faves dis week!!!!



i also love my sister so much! and my sister is living out MY FREKAING LESBIAN DREAMS. OH MY GOD. iM so SICK. she is like DATING A GIRL RN (her first girl shes ever dated!??!) HELLO? this is NOT real. 2024. WOW. and THIS GIRL SOUNDS SOOO COOL shes a lesbian and so cool and LIKES MY SISTER??? DA FRICK. and she got her flowers and pays for her meals and all that and i cant rly tell if my sister rly likes her. Talking from experience a girls first romantic thing with a girl that came from my Fam is Ussually Not Good and usually pretty bad for the other person. and im scared of that happening to my sister but maybe im just projecting and shes older and such. but Yk. it's scary. but im glad me and my sister can relate on some levels in that way. it's nice knowing we have the same experiences in terms of family and likke. Idk. You know. she came home this weekend and told me abt her new girl date btw. but now shes back in college. I miss her. but im also scared of her... theres somethign about her.. shes super go with the flow. idk. its intersting and idk if i can explain it here. anywayssssss. i played poppy playtime yesrtday and i was so scared. i want to watch the walten files but SOMEONE doesnt wanna watch it with me and i know if i ask my otehr friend she wont want to either.Brah. WOAH you can bold text on here??? thats cool. AND ITALICS? Awesome. also btw i figured out how to hold a stick traditionally and i think i WIN! and its way easier and its cool.. its kinda like holding chopsticks except its a giant thick drumstick and its only one. kinda. Lol. I WIN!

well my glorious multiverse i am literally about to fall asleep and i have to SHOWER IN THE MORNING. so. here's to another amazing monyay! and here's to this next week being so AMAZING! and here's to me watching the etho video soon becasue i had no time today :(((( i love you all on the internet :3