my really (un)interesting thoughts #2

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good afternoon little ones. *meows loudly*. im in my Boradcast class rn. and im SO BORED! i tried asking people if they were in love with anyone but i think they were too busy doing imoirtant things to answer. sighhhhhhhh. i took my APES FRQ today and i LEFT FOUR QUESTIONS BLANK LOL. awkward! i hate STUPID MATH why in the world would ANYONE PUT MATH IN APES!!???!?!?! whatever AF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO BORED!!!! everyone is like...folding tripods or something nerdy idk.

anyways. I GOT MY DRIVERS LICENSE YESTRDAY!!! i am being so real when i say that i am entering my awesome cool independent girl era. For Freaking Realzie!!! im gonna drive everywhere to all my lessons (with the love of my life. but i think im sick of that anyways. he updated his pfp on Instagram and he is wearing a FREAKING NEWSIES HAT?HELP. i love newsies. i think its a sign. anyways he is doing a DERP FACE in his pfp. I LOVE HIM. (i need to be him RIGHT NOW))

ROFLCOPTER!!!!!!!!!!!! :3c

Erm anyways. i forghot waht i was saying. Oh ya the other love of my life talked to me today. he Dapped me up. i started swooning right then and there. it was soooooooooooo cuuutteeee. (im going to THROW UP RIGHT NOW. no im not. i neeedd himm!!!!!). this is all part of me being a new girl. a new HahaAhaahAhAHA. AWKWARD!!!! im feeling EXTREME pressure right neownewoennemmeoreeowmrMRREOOWWW.. oh my god. you know what i LOVE? COMIC SANS. im so freaking TIRED of all the STUPID FREAKING PEOPLOE HATING on. COMIC FREAKING SANS. literally the scum of this stupid world. Sorry. I didn't mean that (i did). Erm. Awkward!

stupid ugly freaking nerdy cat needs to DIE!


OMG. you know what is ALSO a part of being newly independently cool and awesome??? WATCHING. HERMITCRAFT. you may be like "ewwww.." NO. I LOVE ETHOSLAB. i watched ethos secrety life #1 yesterdya and i was like. Wow. I missed this. I missed him. we need to throw it back. truly. omg. i am trying to quit tik tok and stop being addicted to my phone and i think i am failing. i literally deleted tik tok but now im on YOUTUBE which is INFINITELY worse... maybe? the videos are longer.... OH MY GOD. everyone in my class is revealing THEY LIKE/D HERMTIT CRAFT. no one here knows i secrelty had a twitter stan account for hermit craft. BLESS UP. maybe ill post on there again. WE NEED TO THROW IT BAC.K. now that i am a new person

THE MAN!!!!!!!!

actually im SO SICK OF TWITTEEERRR!!!!!!!!!!!! they all say the SAME THINGS on there. and thwn i feel so sad when im on it. Sigh. So Depresso Espresso. i need to read like a book or something. but Naw. Nawwwwwwwwwww. I HAVE NO MOTIVATION FOR ANYTHING!!!!! Ever. but No. if im keeping the mindset. THE MINDEST! ILL BE NEW. TvT. omg. i was listening to Kairaiki bear freaking BUG the song and it is SO GOOD!! These SICK PEOPLE next to me are watching MumboJumbo hermitcraft season 9. i thinkk this is it and i go to the afterlife neowmeow. God Bless America (God Bless Hermicraft) I LOVE MUMBO WAITTTTTTT.... *cries and sobs*

K. they stopped wagtching it. Nevermind. they. r watcing anime? Nerd Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lolzzzzzzzzz!!!! I HAVE THREE MINUTES LEFT UNTIL I DIE!!!!!!! HESLLLLPPPP ME RIGHT NIOW. if i have to go home today and do something ill die. DIE RN@!!!!!!!!!! OMG. i love RHYHM GAMESSSS SSOOOO MUCCCHHHHHH. OMGOMOMG IM ON THE COVER OF MY SCHOOL NEWSPAPER IM SOOO EXCITED!!! YAYAYY!!! I FEEL SO FAMOUS!!! BEST AWESOMETHING EVER! ok i need to go pay attention in history class now. Bai! Love and Peace 4ever <3 :3