my really (un)interesting thoughts #3

sorry Haha.

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Hai. x3 &

nneewww theme who Dis? >:3 its FINALSSSSS WEEEEK! ohhh yeeaaahhh Ha.HahaHAhAH.. OMgOMg. its MONYAY. you know what that means. It;s 30 minutes of HELL DAY!!!!!!!!!!! sorry i meant to type H. E. double hockey sticks. im going to be so ereal. I am so FREAKING BAD at the drums. i ccan pretend like im good "oohh im good" IMM NOT GOOD and its so emarassning. yes ive been playing for like 3 months but that doesnt matter.Naw Naw NAwwwww

Erm ok. OMGOMOMG. back to talking about the newfound freedom ting. I have realized that ive REVERTED. back to my old obbsessions. LIKE.IFK howto explain it... the pressure to be a cool girl is GOOOOONNNNNNNNNEEEEEE and i can be who i truly am: an EthosLab ultra fangirl. Yes. YES. YESSSSSSSSS.>:3 xP -V- i spendt all the weekend. watching it. UGHGHGIURGHIOGHREIHU. im sick. SICK!!!!!!! u-u tjat one is so cute omg omg u-u -v- omgomg ^-^ :3.

ASLSO I CAN FREAKING ENJOY DEF FREAKING LEPPARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO TIRED OF HIDING. this. is real. this is me. (dramatic) anyways i saw that KIKUO is going to a CONCERT NEAR ME!!! I. FREAKING. LOVE. KIKUO! im a kikuo fangirlzzzz TO THE MAX!!!! they r going on with Bo En. but i only know that one Omori song (ive never played or watched it in my life.). idk if ill go. because my one friend that said they wanted to go idk if they would go because i actually dont know them dat well. What. The. Bruh.

Erm.Ermmmmm. i saw a SPACE SHUTTLE yestrday at the SPACE CENETER and oh my god. it was the most awesome experience of my LIFE. no one understands hoiw much i FREAKING LOVE SPACE SHUTTLES. my MIND was BLOOOOWWWWWNNNN. if i was a troll from the movie Trolls Wold Tour idk what type. i. want to say FUnk but idk. maybe techno because they r so cute. Lol. i love trolls i want to watch the new movie prerrtty badly. How bad thouhg. you know what. i NEVER STUDY FOR ANYTHING. i have an 85 in my APES class right now waht the flip. i think thsis is so terrrible. im ghoing to olose it. i think senioritisi is hiting.... OMG the best song in thd world at this moment is freaking BUG. by KAIRIKI BEAR. YUESSSSS. OMGOMGOMG

i was trying to play the new gamemode on project sekai because i havent played it in a while and its SO HARD!@!!!!!!! i was dstruggling so hard. also they added Sanrio to ffreaking the game? i anyways. im useually so G-O-A-T-ed A.F. at that game and now im NOT. ugh. i think that all of this is all me jsut trying to convince myself.. that being a single pringle is good. IS IT THOUGH. thats it. i QUIT! im SICK of codependant lesbians. im turning Stirhgt for the love of my life (my drum teacher. who im seeing. today. 30 a room..with him..) UGH. who have i become. exactly who i swore to destroy: a man obsesser. except not really. i just watched this guy in my class pass his friend a weed vape XD thats so NAST. TIME AND PLACE BROTHERS AND SISTERS.TIME AND FREAKING PALCE! ur literally in a basic level united states history class. Calm. actually every single person in this class is SICK.

why is this pic of the challenger.. that genuinely is so so sad

OMGODKGLMG XDXD i just watched him take a hit. LOL. im going to throw up. right. NEOW. my back hurts. HElp. i think im stressed to go to.. my drum lesson.. and be even worse than before. how TF am i meant to.UGH!!! also i wanted to drive there on my own because i GOT MY FREAKING DRIVERS LICENSE but my parents arent letting me TvT Cri. independence when Wheennn! isnt it crazy. Naw staying positive. also i think i have a really big oversharing problem. like. REALLY big. i cant stop telling people my business! liek calm down boi nobody...HAha.PLEASE. someone needs to give me a tutorial on how to be norma.l. NOW. anyways. i like how monyays always make me overthink EVERY SINGLE word i say ever in the whole world and then when im reflecting i have to physically cringe. I ALWAYS HAVE TO SAY SOMETHING EMABBARASSING. (part of oversharing problem). its ok YOLO hahahaahhaha(NO) Mkay monyay is almost over so i need to psot this so baiiiiiii