my really (un)interesting thoughts #7

itts 11:33 pm and im freakin out!!!!!!!!

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cute robot

i love this


it is me!


im trying a new template! i realized actually tho i SUCCCKKK at colors and color thoery... like OMGOGMOMG i made a trollsona OC!!!! and it took like 50 years to figure out colors lol it was so SASADDDDDDD!

well anyways. its late at night again! which means more thoughts about the world and myself in it i guess!

in my head i am constantly fighting the urge to spill all my thoughts to everyone ever. but im not sure if thats true.

i guess there is a few places i belong to. i have home, church, around best friends, in asb, in envirothon, and in my broadcast class! home is pretty self explanatory. i have to hide a big chunk of who i am, but i can relatively be the real me whilst hiding that. church i can also relatively be loud and outgoing everything at once, but also still hiding a big part of who i am. i think i act my truest self to my best friends. theres nothing for me to hide and i think thats the me that i self-condemn the most. i will talk and talk and talk, even if they don't care about what im saying, and that is ok. asb i become super quiet and observant. almost unapproachable! envirothon im the exact opposite. im loud and im the leader! and almost the same in broadcast, except a little bit different.... but i dont know how to say it with words.

ive been thinking about how i change personalities all the time! to the point where i have no idea how people perceive me.

in all those places people perceive me different. i belong in all those places! i dont really know where im going with this. i just think im stuck so much in my self perception of a mix of all my personalities that i have no idea actually how ANY of them perceive me!

but i guess perception is a weird thing anyways!! ^_^

and maybe it sounds like a joke

but its the truest thing ever and i think everyone should live by it!

i always say i have the YOLO mindset

even though it sounds silly. its true! you only live once! so LIVE!

im actually scared of who reads these... and ARE there consequences to my actions?! not so sure..... i dont think im physically capable of being one of those aesthetic cool deep thought girls.....well Baiii! :3c