my really (un)interesting thoughts #6


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GOOD DAY THE INTERNET INTERDUBS LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! im at school. this is a normal post rnn. Hold up. the day i can be normal about things will probably be the day (THAT NEVER HAPPENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). but like Yolo. you know what i am living on the Yolo mindset but my teacher was like Wut gurl dat doesnt maeeke sense...Freeekkuhhhhhhh.... but like idk. YOYLOLYOLYOLYOLOLYOLO. im so hungry. alsooooo im sooo sick of... Envirothon,,,,,, im like a FRAUDD i swear taht teacher sees a little Too much in me. like GUrl i got a B in aPES i am NOT a genius. maybe im just a bit loud. and oversharerer. DISGHGISHGIOSGHOISGHO

toadty this morning i had a Deep conbo with my mom in the car it was kind of interesting.. she said that my sister insd realy misses me and that shess super depresso espresso and like Basically thinks im the Best sister in the whole freaking world LOL JK. but Yah i was like literally about to cry liek OMg. i LOVE my sisters so much. they are like mybest freidns. wait OMG I CANT STOP SAYING "AF" IN FRONT OF TEACHERS OMG Wat ad heck Boi BE FRAEKING PROFESSIONALTREJDKSG

Girl Bai,., dat cat is witerally Me. i lost my phone and i thin k it was the scariest moment of my life. Butti. found it Yah Yeet. im hanging out with my BIFFLE BAE today and im so Hype AF to eat boba. Nya~ ^3^. its onlyWendsyaay. and im so sad. Hold up. OMG i was in APES today and my taecher and me r so CHill but maybe a little Too chill and so i was like Literaly falling asleep . and she gave me a freaking like anxiety relieving fidget TOY??????? and she was like. I Can Smell the Anxiety Radiating off you. thank you my queen but i am just Tired. I FELT SO BADD...

apes is just the most confusing class ever. does anyone like thje Trolololololol Epic Memzeeee i made hahahahahahahahaahaha.. Hah.Hahaha. my Biffle Bae rly likes trolls so i made it for her. actually its insane that PEOPLE WHO R LIKEING TROLLS ARE THRISTING OVER HICKORY. i read a horirble hickrory x branch fanficiton with my Biffle Bae and i think im sscarred for life. he is actually the most unattractive troll. NONE OF THE TROLLS ARE ATTRACTIVE??? Ur so perfect perfect perfect (trolls quote Haha Nyaaaa~~ :3)

i watcghed mean girls and. now i aam reflecting on my theatere kid phase. i think the drama teacher at my school crushed ALL MY DREAMS. what a FREAKING FREAK. Sigghhhhh.. nnyyaa~~ Duuuude. i think newsies was the best thingn taht has ever happened tio em OrNAw. maybe one day ill post all the newsies fffffffff......... K. Nbm. SEHFSDFKDHSFGKh. Happy..Wednesday.. Ugh. toda y i went around filming random peopele at school and i think people thought it was weird (it was). it was for a Cause Hah. Let Ur Freak Flag Fly (Le Epic Sherk Ref >.<) GOD this comptuer is hard to type on. Epic Bruh Moooomrent.

GOD we need to bring back the freaking TROLOLOLOLOLOL.. it was so Fiyuh. Combusting RNRNRNRN!!!!!!! Gurrrrrrl. GOD. we as a society neede to bring back LETTING OUR FREAK FLY. r-r oactiy;o think i nede to stop tlaking. i think i am too ironic to the point where its not ironic anymore. but people think im being ironic bnut they also dont know Hahaha.haAHaha. Maybe NOOEN of it is ironic. speaking of ironic: oh my. GOD. does anyone know that tik tok furry that does cute little k pop dances because i genuinely think that its the cutest thing to. ever exist and im SICK of hiding IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRING BACK FURRIES!!!!!!!!!

Wow. these people are so weird. thank GOD im the only normal person here. DUUDE. i watched precy jacksojn show Eveey tuesday at 6 OCLOCK!! itssSOOO good im actually so super obsessed. not... as obssessed as i am with MINECRFAT!!!! omg. i think i am the same person that i was like idk 2 years ago. i got back into the mc speedrun community. Congrats Drip120 7:01 TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. !!!!!!!!! OMGOGMOGM and freakign. FRUIBTERRIES MY D1 MOSUE DROPPER o ymh GOD!!! the PST life is actually so hard doe. God. you can take the girl out of minecraft but you can never take the minectaft out of the girl.

im super hungry and im scrared that i disappointedd my envirohton advisor because i didnt show up to a meeting! "its not like you brooke!!" is waht shes gonna say IGGJJGJGJ!!!! Holdup i think i just didn't eat lunch. omg i hate the STUPID APPLE FREAKING GIRLS WHO ARE OBSESSED WITH MEN and whispering their little things im acrually so sick of it i dont think im physically capable of talking to man obsessed people.. actually or people in general.... i feel so ISOLALTTEDELDEDDD! ok Sry bai Luv u All until the next time :3