my really (un)interesting thoughts #8


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by Lush!

hAhahHaha Not today though.

song(S?) of the hour::::

although no really (un)interesting story this Monyay! ohhh Yeaaahhhh!!!!!!!! just some thoughts! i stayed home from school today so i had lotsssssss of time to THINK!!!! i had my first ONE HOUR freaking piano drum lesson of my GOD i dont tink ive ever had to think so hard in my life why is everything so HARD!!! i can be sooo confident but Naw at the day i kind of suck but you know what?!??! ITS SO FUN BEING BAD!!!!

like i dunno im really enjoying the process!! of LEARNING!! GOD. i think ive just recenrlty discovered the wonders of LEARNING. like i dont know theres just soooo much knowledge out there that i dont know and the prospect of having the opportunity to LEARN EVERYTHING is just so IDK. AWESOME! as stupid as it sounds LOLLLL.....

like omg. ive been playing piano my WHOLE life. since i was FIVE! and i just think its insane beacuse i may have been doing all that but truly ive only scratched the SURFACE! liike. i know NOTHING? its AWESOME!!! theres a WHOLE WORLD OUT THERE FOR ME TO LEARN! todaay my Guy was teaching me all this stuff... im kinda getting into jazz piano because, again, its a WHOLE NEW WORLD i know NOTHING ABOUT, and isnt that just so cool! anyways, he is teaching me jazz stuff and theory words. who the heck knows what Dorian and Mixolydian mean??? I DO NOW!! SINCE TODAY!

and oh MAN isnt that just so exciting. and its so HARD and im SO BAD but thats what PRACTICE IS FOR!!!!!!! and i learned BOSSA NOVA on the DRUMS?? HELLO ISNT THAT SOOO COOL??? I KNOW BOSSA NOVA NOW??? have i ever listened to bossa nova before today? HELL NO!!!! BUT NOW I HAVE!!!!!! GOD LIFE IS JUST SO AWESOME!!!! ive been feeling jsut soooo HAPPY recently!! like things are for real falling into place!!!!!!! and im sooooo ^_^!!!!!!

and oh have i been thinking. also my teacher gave me his SPOTIFY!!! which first of all he has given me way too much power i am going to be a terrible person but also HIS SPOTIFY IS SOOO COOL he has so many playlists to listen!! and also he MADE ME A JAZZ PLAYLIST?? oh my GOD!! sillys aside he cares SOO MUCH about music. like i can tell it is his passion and he cares genuinely about me learning it too and i think that is so awesome and i think that is what sets him apart! truly! idk. i just feel like ive started viewing EVERYTHING DIFFERENT NOW!!!!! music is just SO SPECIAL. its insane. i just truly think its the most beautiful art form. and its ALWAYS EXPANDING. there are ALWAYS new ideas! like god i LOVE weird and different sounding music.

obligatory monyay post! one day ill be normal i swear

by excuse 17!!!!

and maybe its cause i kidna grew up in a closed minded typa family who only listens to the poppular things (and hates on rap...) , but its amazing how much is our there. and i think i had a mental block where like. if it kinda sounds weird or bad... then its bad music. but idk. i think once everyone gets past the mind block of it sounding bad, it sounds SOOO GOOODD! genuinely. weird screamy or odd chords are so amazing and just so different. i LOVE hearing new sounds ive never heard. and theres so much out there that i havent heard and i wanna listen to it all! and maybe thats why i hate on rly popular music (sigh im sorry i sound so annoying.), not because the music itself is bad, but just because weve all heard it before! its not different sounding! and THATS why i dont like it i guess. to me it just feels so shallow.

amazing song i discovered 5 mins ago

by Antonio Carlos Jobim

and you know what im probably just Teenage GIrl discovers music rn and idk. embrace the process i suppose! ^_^. i think im about to start my period wwhich is why im all like this. but idk i think there is just soo much beauty in the world! its so awesome. i have so much love in me for everyone ever!!!!!!!! like i LOVE my best friend and i think that she is so special and awesome for real and i feel so special for getting the chance to even be her friend and that life ended out this way!!!! UGHGUGHGUHGH!!!! Oh Man. im suppperrr tired. i have school tomorrow and im so excited to see all my friends. not excited to do all my work though. sigghhh..... my lesson went well today. i think im getting better. i hope! that studio is really really hot though and i get all sweaty ewwww!!!! >_< i think im for sure a visual learner though and im glad i figured that out!

like ill be so real a lot of songs i rememeber just based on their album covers. ESPECIALLY vocaloid. GOD i love vocaloid omggg!!! but since most song titles are not english and i cant be bothered to translate or look it up like.. ican describe an album cover but not tell u the name LOL but that also goes for normal english music. :3c i like discovering things about myself. i think im getting to know myself more and more everyday and that makes me excited and happy. i used to hate myself becaue i knew nothing about myself or how i felt! but i feel like ive been so much better at that. and also i think im way happier with how i look now too. I AM JUST SO HAPPY!!!!! this is just the best ever. thanks multiverse for listening to my thoughts :3 sry if they sound kinda stupid today. im superrr tired >.<