my really (un)interesting thoughts #9

found out gifcities existed in during post can you tell?

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its monyay! Yippee! im trying a new font cuz i saw other people using it and i was like Dis Is a lit font Holdup. but its kinda big. idk we will see. well anyway. i am so super stressed this week! but also its kind of my fault for doing nothing but play rhythm heaven all weekend... Awkward. i love rhythm heaven. and im so Friggin GOATEEDDDD at it! i almost completely beat the DS version!!! i have 46/50 perfects.... and the 4 i dont have perfected are freaking rhythm rally 1 & 2 and fill bots 1 & 2. BECAUSE THEY FREAKING SUCK AND ARE SO HARD! its ok one day. and i got all 50 medals in fever! but its rly hard to perfect anything on the wii.. i will grind it out one day....

bello the internet and...

"I'll get revenge. Pour bleach on your head, and now you're dead. Disinfect, so hold your breath and say goodbye!!!!!"

like idk. youd think after playing the piano for so long that i would be good and know how to like idk KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MAJOR AND MINOR and know chords and scales. and know terms. but NO! i feel like ive been failed my whole life! what was i doing for 10+ years? its like they never cared about actually teaching me the instrument, but only cared about me passing my exams and getting the diploma so they could kick me out. makes me sad and like i wasted that time. but idk i gotta remind myself to enjoy the process. like i said last week! i got my period this weekend so i was especially moody. so keeping the mindset was hard... but i think i will manage! and i am still feeling happy. despite the immense amount of schoolwork i am currently procrastinating on. i have to stay consistent in SOMETHING. and that something will be these monyay posts!


anyways! im so tired rn but i have to grind out this monyay post for all my monyay fans (there are none its actually just me). i had my class thing tofay and it was so wierd my teacher nico was so out of it and he was like Yah i cant stop thinking about food. also Funny Moment he was referencing like an imaginary bass player in some jazz scenario to teach something and was using he him pronoun for this imaginary guy and HE GOES like "or she! Equal.. rights... Haha" LOLLLL that is too much what a Woke Hip Af king. maybe it was the lesiban bracelet i had on that made him Woke. also he called people that count triplets like 1 da da or seomthing freaks and i thought that was quite funny. althghough it is quite the embarassing that i really suck at the piano. and i messed up my freaking bossa nova too. like come on!

"but if you think that i'm not strong, you best watch out! nothing can stop me!!!!"

no lyrics but beautiful! im learning this on the piano right now. thx nico for PMO.



lyrics in portuguese i think. idk much about bossa nova but i do know this song gives me the chills when i listen!

this has kind of turned into a music blog tbh. since im alwyas posting on monyays. idk i guess thats just where the wind is taking me! and music has been especially relavent in my life. i feel honestly very happy with where i am right now and who ive become. like ive accepted things that used to bother me soo much and i like to be ME now! i used to say that i would rather be anyone else but me, but i dont think that is true anymore. i like being me now! and that is so awesome!! hey! hermitcraft season 10 likely starting this week im SO excited you dont even know. and tmrw is percy jackson day! so much to be excited for despite it all!!! i LOVE being excited! liike monyays! and it all! ive been sleeping in my sisters room every night. idk if thats because i miss her or because her bed is comfy but its nice. i do miss her a lot!! my birthday is coming up and i dont know what i will ask for. maybe an acoustic drum set. or rhythm heaven megamix! i want to ask for something more meaningful than clothes i think...

i cant believe i will be 17! thats kind of a big number. i am excited though... im almost off in college! i love the future because i will never know what is in it :3c. im so sleepy i am falling asleep here oh no! i have a presentation tomorrow TvT... and a ton of work. i wish i never had to sleep so i can have some time!!! Sighh. at least i get to sleep in tomorrow. and i will enjoy the process. im liking writing my ap seminar essay right now. i feel cool and professional writing a research paper like that and proud when i read it back. and then i write essays in other classes and im like Wow i can actually write! you know, i think this is the first time in like idk 4 years that ive felt good when i am alone. its the MONYAY MAGIC!!!!!! LOL!!!! anyways.... i might post more this week but im super tired right now and i need to sleep or ill die i think. love you all on the internet and ty for whoever reads these :3 HUGS AND KISSES 4EVER!