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i think, even tho sometimes i wish that there was some more interactability or methods of saving posts, its such a good thing we dont.

because then this kind of talking-into-the-void feeling infects every post on here. everything is separate and complete in and of itself. its because people cant interact that people write the most interesting things. because there is no social factor, people only post when they have something meaningful to say.

ahah, i was about to write in my diary about how much i love this site, but i thought i should tell you myself. i know the kind of post where someone aimlessly praises is a little repitive and boring, but i think my reasoning is what i really wanted to talk about.

ive realised that, when interaction is limited, the individual thoughts of a person blooms. maybe thats why sad, isolated artists make the (supposedly) best art? because its purely their vision, and the time they put into creating it is purely out of wanting to express themselves, and not to communicate or make money?

ps: thank you to @diastasis for replying to my previous post, your thoughts were really interesting!!

... by thanking you, am i boycotting what i just said? hope not, cuz i mean it!

life and code

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- the theseus' ship of human consciousness uploads

- how uploading a consciousness is or isnt immortality, or lengthened life span

- if i am not the me i was a year ago, am i the me i was a second ago?

- if the difference in time is overruled, and me from a year or a second ago is the same as me now, then is the same within space? is my consciousness on a laptop the same me as the me here?

- what defines "you"? your consciousness, something else, a mixture?

- would you upload your consciousness? if you could?

- would older people want to transfer consciousness as much as younger people?

i was feeling existential about death and aging, and came up with a bunch of questions after researching immortality too much. thought they would be interesting to share with the more philosophical people here, cuz im not too good at that stuff. here!

found these imgs on pinterest i think, if ur interested in tracking them down.

thats it, thanks for reading.

happy holidays :3

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i hope for ur happiness this holiday season. thank you, internet and multiverse, and the people you host. ⸜(*ˊᗜˋ*)⸝

merry xmas to all, and to all a good night...

have a recipe from my diary because i love you

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100g salted butter

75g brown sugar (ideally large sugar granules, makes for a better texture)

1tbsp fresh grated ginger 

100g golden syrup

250g self raising flour

1.5 tbsp ground ginger

1 egg yolk

some squares of really dark chocolate (optional :3)


preheat oven to 190C or 170C + fan. line 2 baking trays.

put wet ingredients (butter, sugar, fresh ginger and syrup) into pan, and melt together on a low temp.

while melting, put dry ingredients (flour, ground ginger) into a bowl and mix.

once pan mixture has cooled, add to dry ingredients with yolk. stir till dough-y.

separate into balls of cookie dough. if using chocolate, take ~1/2 a square per biscuit and wrap it with dough. flatten each ball and place 3cm apart.

bake for 9-10 mins or till golden brown. enjoy!!!! X3

notes: makes 16 small or 8 big,

and takes 30 mins in total


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today sucked

but we grind

happy birthday

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happy 8th birthday undertale!!!!!!!

u will always hold a special place

in my heart. <3

aw man now i gotta play touhou

boo !

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hiii, i already made an account on here but that was a while ago and i lost it,,, i already blog a lot on dreamwidth but i wanted a short form and more public posting site, and multiverse is super cute soooo.. hi everyone !!!!! i go by star online. i like pink, fried food, and nerdy shit including worldbuilding, videogames (2 many) reading n utube !!! hope u find me interesting <333