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i 4got abt this site

heres my little blorbo

uhh hi

this gif looks exactly like my cat

i have a lot of weird gifs on my computer

hey multiverse devs can u pls make it so i can customize my universe

i would rlly like to customize more than just my posts

Im kinda bored so i think im just going to write

heres a picture i drew of ream and never posted

she kinds looks like shes melting

the morning dew on the clouds, the sound of the morning news, she woke up to the bright cold light coming out her window. The painful frustration of being instantly blinded when you open your eyes, a less than perfect start to a day. She struggled out of bed and closed the blinds.

Ream was never a morning person, walking down stairs, still in that half awake confused state. reaching the kitchen, realizing the coffee was not yet done brewing, she chose to sit on the couch and wait. She didn't have much else to do other than sit on their off green couch and watch tv. The news was utterly boring, but its not like anything else is on. ever since the recent ban of subliminal messages in cartoons, most shows were taken off air. Out of denial, she grabbed the remote and started flicking through the channels.

"welcome to Aubrey's kitche-" "get your all new-" "come down to-"

Unsatisfied, she finds herself back at the morning news. She sets the remote down and gives up as she hears the garage door open. One of her parental guardians is holding a bag of groceries. She watches as the man sets the bag down on the counter and begins to take out the contents on the bag. She watches as he takes out a basket of blueberries, then a jug of strawberry milk, a bag of tomato chips, and so on.

"Ding!" looks like the coffee is ready.

Ream gets up and begins to walk to the kitchen.

"You're up early!" says the male parental guardian, "Yea, the sun woke me up" replies Ream. "Ah I see, well was there anything interesting on the news?" "just the weather, the clouds are red today." they converse as Ream pours half a cup of coffee, mostly drowning it in cream.

"well, i have to go to work. The bakery isnt gonna run itself!" He says as he leaves.

She grabs a couple of cookies to dip in her coffee and sits back down on the couch.