Gym membership/ staying healthy!

Vision 2022

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A gym membership would be helpful while traveling through the United states, whether I'm on the go or lot or stationary. I would like to get a membership at a national gym, but a lot of them are really crappy. Local gyms have better programs.The reason why gym membership is important, especially as an in-house person, it's wi-fi, a shower, a locker, a lot of things that help being unhoused be a lot easier. Of course that falls apart and it's a waste of money where there isn't a branch of that gym. It's a better strategy if I plan on sitting in a place long term, and long-term means over 30 days. Or I know I'm hopping from place to place where there's a branch of that gym. Or, I'm hopping from place to place and I'm in places where there's not a branch of that gym for a shorter period of time.

The greater point is that whether I'm stationary or transient, I have a place to work out. I actually love to exercise and a social setting! Buying one month memberships at local gyms wouldn't hurt either. Most of them have monthly plans. The goal is to be able to afford gym memberships however I need them, and utilize the gems for all they have to offer for whatever my situation is!