Bringing it back!?

Renewed visions!

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Food reviews are back! Resumed FOOD STAMP FOODIES TODAY! Very excited about that! I love food and I love sharing good food suggestions with people!

I'm getting back into zines this year!

Going to make my first zine VERY soon.

Might make it about my backstory of being homeless. I'm also thinking up art zine ideas.

Finally gonna commit to T this year. See what that looks like. Gonna look into voice training, too.

Might bring back a cab - my mutual aid to pay for people's rideshare. I'll see about that one, tho.

Goal Updates


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It's been so long, so since we're all back and it's not the start of the month, I'll do a progress report.

I've put alot of effort into rebranding my social media presentation these past few days. I've been online for a long time, and this is all new to me because I never thought I'd WORK HERE - but here I am.

I put the passport goal down for a while. It's summer, so I'm looking more at the rollerblading goal and swimming goal. Unfort, I'm having a breathing thing that might be long covid, so I might be postponing the swimming thing, as well.

It's honestly going so far so good, aside from a few platform hiccups! I'm ok. It's the online platforms with issues, but it keeps my thinker thinking with the puzzle of ways to work around it!

Honestly, I'm not going to shame myself if rebranding and building a presence to become financially secure takes priority over my other goals. I need to have some kind of stability, even if it's in an unstable environment, and building a brand is how I'll do that.

I've also been focusing on my health and body image. I'm also going to start T this year. An unexpected goal, but a goal none the less! I won't stay on T. I'm just dropping my voice and maybe group facial hair. A few months to a year will be enough for me.

My thyroid is doing better. It may never be normal size again, but it's better. We're going to see if having covid did something to it, tho.

Another goal I would rather meet this year is get an e bike. It's harder to find stage 2s in stores, tho. Most shops only have stage 1s, or stage 1s and 3s. Donno wasup with that.

Something that wasn't on my original goal chart was getting back into my other interests. I've been getting eaten up by politics, and it's important for me to live the other aspects of my life.

I resurrected my food review series. I got some new artbooks because I don't know where my other ones are. I'm also going to resume making zines. I def have A LOT to zine about!

Back online!?

We were down and out without you!

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I joined the discord after I was trying to get on here after a week of it being down. And, then it stayed down for a month. I was starting to think it was over...

But we're all back home!

March 24 Vision Broad

Wealth, black alt friends, e bikes

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Feb 2024 - Black History Month

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More 2024 Vision!

Swimmin and skatin

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Jan 2024 VISION board

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2024 VISION board

The BIG goals

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I back! Just in time for 2024!

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Time for end of the year reflections before I make the next vision board.

Wishing for normal thyroid, starting a vit routine to help with that goal.

I got a boyfriend. Weird.

I did a little bit better with money this year even though I had some dry spells.Hoping to improve my financial situation. Not necessarily with a traditional job but definitely some form of income. Maybe even passive income. Or maybe government assistance. Whatever the money looks like, as long as it's money.

I've also really worked on my mental health this year. I tried getting new therapists and that didn't work out, but I got the finch app and a shadow work journal, and they both work tremendously.I'm working on manifesting stuff and got some project 369 journals. See how that's going to work. Figured since the shadow work journal worked so well may as well just keep it going.

I got a lot of cool stuff online this year, but unfortunately my card got compromised so I had to change platforms I was getting like cool stuff on. But I definitely started being my true self this year, in terms of fashion.

I'm very much ready to smite my enemies - old and new. There's one feud that's been going on for about 3 years now that I'm very much ready to end.

I also might start making monthly vision boards instead of being sporadic or making yearly vision boards.I didn't really have a goal for the vision board thing when I started.Making an annual vision board wouldn't hurt. Making a monthly vision board wouldn't hurt. Even making a weekly vision board wouldn't hurt. I know I can do this however I want to do it, and I prefer to have some kind of structure.

Something I really need to work on is managing my stress. I know I'm in an ever going shitty situation because of systemic stuff more than anything I have personally going on, but I could definitely stand a manage it better. Maybe look into moving into a different country a little bit more seriously from here on out. Continue traveling domestically to see what happens with that.At the same time, I have the conflicting goal of wanting to get long-term housing. Also being able to live by myself because of the tragic fallouts with housemates this year. I go into detail on my mental health blog, but what happened was my previous long-term housemates tried to gaslight me into thinking that I was invalid because of how I responded to someone's suicide attempt. Absolutely horrible. Definitely makes me never want to have housemates again. I'm even wary about living with my partner after that. My partner and I have lived together before but there was a third person with us. It would be a much different dynamic with just the two of us. Not to say I don't think it can happen. It's just right now I don't even want to try because of what happened at that awful house.

That's all for now

Happy New Year and Pride month!

Vision broad 2023

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I traveled a lot, and didn't get much done in terms of what I set out to do. I got a lot done tho!

I recently stayed in a hostel for the first time in years. I think since Memphis. That was actually very great! It was well needed for my travel beaten body.

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I quit being a mutual aid organizer.

I was really sad about it, because I thought of my usefullness expiring.

Reinvention is in order. A chapter of my life has ended and a new one begins.

Some of my goals aren't panning out, so I've decided to walk/ hitchhike from MN to OR, and down the west coast. I'm not traveling for mutual aid or any other cause. I'm traveling for myself. My freedom is my only cause.

Folding e-bike focus

Vision 2022

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I'm putting my energy into getting a folding e-bike!

I also haven't heard of any black people being murdered by the police state on a bike. Not saying it doesn't happen, just saying it doesn't happen nearly as much!

It's much easier to travel with!

Making room for my goals

Vision 2022

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I’ve been spending a lot of time in toxic only spaces

It's up to me to stop being so obsessed with being informed. The spaces haven't done so much to help me to make them worth the emotional and mental labor.

I see a lot of people underestimate how spending time in certain spaces affects them over all. Some of accomplishing goals is maintaining a mental health and mindset.


Vision 2022

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Gloving is a dance, and I'm def not gonna get better over night.

I do stuff like this!

I have very basic cheap gloves and I'm working to improve!

Mutual Aid WITHOUT the caravan!

Vision 2022

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The plans to join the caravan got cancelled due to white fragility.

I know my worth, and I'm worth more than babysitting white egos!

I've decided to do my own mutual aid traveling!

My new fundraiser starts tomorrow!

Mutual Aid Caravan!

Vision 2022

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I'll be joining a mutual aid caravan later this summer!

Mutual aid and travels to come!

I'll continue to raise money to support myself in travels while I ponder where I'm comfortable being dropped off on the route or at the end of the caravan.

Two thing I love in one: mutual aid and traveling!

Travel plans

Vision 2022

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I'm leaving MN between June - Aug. How I'll be exiting suddenly has a lot of options!


Vision 2022

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I'm leaving Minneapolis mid-June.

The transportation goals aren't moving, but I'm focusing an a new laptop and continuing housing more than that, right now anyway.

I'm practicing ASL (almost) everyday!

Place to stay

Vision 2022

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Drawing energy to coming to safe places to stay!

I will stay safe, comfortable, and sheltered while I'm in Minneapolis.

I need to continue to stay safe, comfortable the sheltered while I'm still in Minneapolis!

I am summoning safe, comfortable housing while I'm in Minneapolis.


2022 Introduction!

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Hello again,

I'm reintroducing myself and my blog because I didn't know what to do or say last time.

I am shamelessly gay.

Je m'appelle Sol.

This is my Vision Broad blog for 2022. A Vision Broad is a goal broad, basically. The picture only VB is my Pinterest (@tatsuyoujo) and it helps to blog along side having a broad. I came here instead of blogger.

I have major and minor goals for 2022, and I've already made some goals for 2023.

My priorities are open to change, but right now my main goal is to learn black ASL and travel the USA and hopefully find a new long term home. This time, I long term home that don't come with all the toxic bs that happened while I lived where I currently am. Full rant on my travel blog later.

I'm going to travel the USA as I did a few years ago, homeless. My travel blog will be apart from this one, also on multiverse!

I'm a TikToker that wants to be internet famous! I live on TikTok (mostly), Instagram (rarely), and Twitter (NEW)! I also have a part time job, but I can't take it with me when I hit the road. I'm open to any and all healthy opportunities in my travels!

Moving International Travel Goals to 2023

2022 - 2023

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For all reasonable-ness sake, international travel goals have moved to next year. We still got coronavirus.

From Camming to Streaming! - Money!

Vision 2022

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I've stopped doing adult camera modeling and I've switched over to doing tick tock lives. Tick tock lives actually pay money!

I've also decided that on top of doing politics and reading tarot and fortune telling cards, I'm also going to get those lightup rave gloves and do hand dancing for lives.

Not money related, I'm considering starting an ask blog on tiktok. It's just I don't do digital art so it would take a lot of materials and space to do and ask blog. Doing more art is a pretty good goal. I should enjoy life.

Learning Black/ ASL

Vision 2022

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I'm throwing language learning on my vision board! I'm going to do everything it takes to become efficient at a different language by the end of this year! It doesn't have to be just one. My top two are currently French and American sign language.The problem with language learning tips is that it's really ableist and how everything you'll see is geared towards spoken, written, and reading languages. Of course, sign language is different. For the most part, the rules apply and it's just going to take some experience to weed out what's not going to work.

I'm going to commit to learning American sign language in 2022! More importantly, black American sign language. The fact that I'm 33 and I'm just now finding out that there's basically Ebonics in sign language means I need to get down on it!



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I need to get braces and replace the teeth that I lost. Dental stuff costs a lot of money, but I will make that money and then some!

Money ideas

Vision 2022

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I think I've decided that I want to be a fortune teller for money. I definitely know what I need the money for. More sooner than later, I want a brand new laptop and tablet. A new phone is the goal for next year. It would be great if I could also find a better phone service so I could get off boost mobile, but that's more desired but not required.As much as I enjoyed doing remote sex work, I don't much care for men, and sex work is very much a male dominated clientele. There are a lot of sex workers that don't care for men, and they're definitely using the patriarchy to their advantage. I'm more the type that would rather and have nothing to do with people that I don't like. Not to say I won't read men's tarot, I'm saying I don't want to work in a male dominated clientele field.

Shortly after I moved to Minneapolis, I want to be a bike mechanic because it's a very lucrative business here. It's also possible to be a traveling bike mechanic. It's not like biking repairs are going to go anywhere.I've also recently opened up guilt-free sex ed, kink, and transgender talk spaces. Very unprofessionally and non-medically, of course. I don't have any degrees or certificates. Nothing illegal will be discussed.Everything will be done online, of course.💡