Vision broad blog! 2020

Multiverse might be great for this!

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I've started a vision board for 2022 because it's been a thing that's been talked about in my circles and very recent history. I figure why not?Since this site is very colorful and has a very unique way of moving pictures and text, this would be a great place to blog on my vision board. The visual only vision board is on my Pinterest @tatsuyoujo . I have blogger, but the obscurity of multiverse is what's drawing me to this platform for this purpose. Blogger just seems kind of "overworked". Given how live general went down the dream when it was bought by a Russian company, and Tumblr went down the drain when he got bought by Yahoo, aside from the multiverse, blogger is the only blogging website left. Not to say things didn't change for blogger after they were bought by google, but the fallout wasn't nearly as bad as those other two.

I'm glad I found this website, because this is going to be great!