Not Switching

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I'm sure this is a bit weird if you're reading there - or on the RSS feed - because it's one huge image.

But this is an issue with RSS - it's difficult to know how your nicely designed post will look in any given browser

If you are reading this from Multiverse, well - here's a pic of my blog - I like it! It's my special PLAYTHING!

This is a post I wrote on Multiverse and crossposted to my blog

But there is also a link above to the original hypertext if you need it

For a few months I wondered: "Will I switch my blog to Multiverse once it's done?"

But now I see

No need!

Multiverse posts - based on Weiwei's 'comic logs' - are utter maximalism! They can be dense with glitter and rabbit stickers.

And it's not that I don't want my blog to be this way - I find it to be quicker and more expressive to dump thoughts and styles into posts like this one

But I think I like the idea of moving between formats - sometimes pasting together a comic

And other times keeping it to a minimal bit of hypertext

Doing this sacrifices the 'network effect' of Multiverse

Imagine future tools even beyond this

Perhaps styled posts could one day become more widespread

Using the tool when it makes sense

Rather than needing to jump ship from your existing blog or wiki or social site

But whatever - the thing that's really enticing to me is offering a tool for blogging that augments what you're already doing

But that is a short-term vision

The Web is the long-term vision

If we can strengthen it and make it more varied and full

Perhaps it will live on!

Perhaps one day styled posts could be embedded nicely in feeds - no one cares yet

if it is fluid to cross networks, then you can drop off a network quite easily