A constellation of internet corners for the rest of us

A constellation of personal thoughts and images

A world of artful frames and colorful edges

A field of stars slowly moving together

A multiverse of expressive web pages

Ready, set, theme

It’s like having a tool similar to Microsoft Paint as you create a corner for yourself on the internet. You can color your voice with your personality, rather than having it flattened out by technology giants.

Today’s a beautiful day. It’s finally sunny again and perfect for hanging out in the park

Blog in full color

Whether it’s photo journaling, documenting your project, sharing a mini life update, or something we haven’t thought of, it’s a place for you to write and make a collage.

art by @SimzArts

A homemade post, with your staple media type

Sort of like a zine, a collage, a bunch of glued tweets and essays - how do I describe it? This is something in-between, It’s a place that celebrates different kinds of media, so, buckle in, and play with all these web materials!

i just found this and it’s kind of neat?? i’m geekin over this. WOOOW. whoa each of those frames you create gets saved in a template i guess and you can choose between them and make a bunch. it will be super exciting to see where it goes!
yooo i really dig this aesthetic!!!! i should think of what i’d use this sort of thing for (i try to be real picky/have a game plan for all of my accounts these days, cuz i just have way too many, lol)
ye i got in. im so in love with this
thank u for this absolutely delicious 7 course meal
been loving multiverse so far honestly. It has the potential to explore this space between visual + text storytelling. like how the visual elements can be so integrated into the text and become text itself. Or the text essentially is a form of visual representation

Psssssst, did I hear dresscode?

Are you whispering? Are you excited? Are you feeling a soup of emotions? Dress up your voice to match your personality.

Or blogchat together

Think of blogchatting as an activity like dancing, playing music, playing with basketball – it’s enjoyable and rewarding on your own, but enhanced by the companionship of others.

We are still cooking this up, it will be delivered shortly~