Not feeling so well…

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I feel so tired all the time.

I need to travel --do something fun for once.

Maybe I just need a mental break or something


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Does anyone else remember this gem of a show?

I came across this Youtube video:

And a wave of nostalgia came over ne. Memories of me back in elementary school being scared shitless, yet entranced by the mystery of the show. I LOVED this show growing up.

"I want to hear a pin drop"

Looking back at it now -it was pretty cheesy lol. Especially the acting/writing but I think it adds a certain "charm". Though that's probably the nostalgia talking.


Patricia has definitely become my favorite character. Her loyalty was unmatched.


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Is it me or is time going by at a faster rate? 2022 felt so short, Months have felt like weeks or days even. it's like the past few years have been reduced to a faint memory. Maybe b/c of the pandemic; it just made things feel that much faster. I did hear, a few months back, that apparently the earth is spinning faster; thus the cause of why the days seem shorter. who knows...

I'm thinking of looking further into this topic. If I have the time that is. It's just something I've noticed since 2020. I was wondering if anyone noticed it too..

It makes me think - what is time exactly? I know that may seem like a stupid question, but It's something that I can't help but think about...