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Song ♫♫♫ Yeule - Desire

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I dreamed of this space... I imagined a digital environment which allowed expression where other social media didn't. This is kind of how the internet used to be... a refuge from the physical world where we felt invited to create cozy spaces which represented ourselves within the limited palette.

The internet then became enamored with connection - don't get me wrong connection is everything, though the issue was the connection was hijacked and our paths became highways. Those highways lead us towards pleasure and consumption. Once more, connection is everything, the question is can we reclaim the digital space so to preserve the quantum sovereignty we all yield?


Introducing myself to this lovely world <33

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Heya! Just found this site and OMG ITS SO SWAGGY!! Not sure how regularly I'll use it but I won't completely abandon it :3

My favorite band is most definitely My Chemical Romance, with Slipknot and Deftones tying for second fav :33

I'm Mikey!! A 14 year old, queergender, omniromantic, myrsexual (identifying with multiple asexual identities) from Australia (NSW), who falls into pretty much all alternative subcultures!

I'm single :P I like music, learning guitar, cats, vinyl and horror :3

Anywho, here's my SpaceHey cause I post on it more than I could ever post on here https://spacehey.com/poison_for_the_world

can u hear me?

giggles and kicks my feet heeheeheeheehee

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aagghh!!! this site is adorable!!!! i've been exploring the web for hours and i'm delighted with all the cool little spaces i've been finding!! the internet is so much cooler when you know what to look for...

my name is sunny, but you can call me whatever you'd like! i'm a student in canada and i spend a lot of time online. i think of myself as a very... eclectic person. i want to be someone like that, at least. i want to experience and enjoy lots and lots of things. i enjoy cyberpunk things, pretty colours, angel imagery, dreaming, cats and bunnies, good stories that make you think for a long time, magical girl anime, girly kei fashion, plushies and the ocean! i am tired of fitting myself into boxes. very very tired. i like liking things!!!!!!!!!

my username comes from a character i created a while ago. said character is named Nova, and has a blog that goes by the name LUMINOVA. the general aesthetic of this website and the way you create things reminded me a little bit of that... maybe i'll talk more about her later:p

if you're reading this, can i recommend you some songs? i always like finding new music.

dove - doll ver. (antihoney)

letter to the black world (frog96)

sting (stellar)

don't panic interlude (kitty)

pixel affection (yeule) ((my favourite artist!!))

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So many new people coming in...

AO3 has been blocked on school computers, so I will spend most of my school hours here from now on, reading and writing posts.

I am deeply upset by this, by the way. How ever will I go through the school days now? I'm so sad.

Not sure what else to say, but yeah, I'm back. Oh yeah and happy holidays!

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beep boop beep boop

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hi im a dragon -w-

I've been looking for this site for agess

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Hiii i tried to search multiverse but it just wouldn't come up with this to the point where I thought I either got the name wrong or it was all a dream

Anyways i'm curious how othersfound this i found it on spacehey which is also super kewl




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but first, call me moni, im a minor and im from mexico! im still learning

english so if i made a mistake pls dont be mean!

hello! i discovered this site today and i love it!!

maybe i will use it to write my OCs backstories and descriptions! idk i love this sm ☆☆☆☆☆☆

some things i like :333 ☆☆☆

anime and manga! draw, read, make stories and OCs!!

play roblox, everskies and minecraft, build things, legos!!!! keychains, diys! ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ some of my fav series are devilman crybaby, jshk, dexter and tawog!


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hello! we are bones! multiple people living inside one body (a system)

we are bodily an adult, i think each headmate in our system will make their own introductions!

have a good day ૮ ᴖﻌᴖა

*phases through your wall*

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hiiiii this site looks cute. maybe ill use this as a diary or smn. idk just yet




king / astrid / parker

adult - any pronouns

purported internet wizard



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(◑_◑) 📋✅

Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?? I hope you can...

I'll introduce myself...I'm May, I like horror and older more...retro things.

I don't have much time right now...I'll try to talk to you later.

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Check out rustypawz.neocities.org

making blogs

I just want to ooze out the sides and own my destiny like the cool kids

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Something messy where all my stuff oozes out the sides and explodes in colour and sound

Very much inspired by this cool place and Kick's sites

Maybe check it out, if you miss me!


Gonna get it hooked up to the indieweb and fediverse too

I've been making a little scrapbooky blog of my own lately

first post


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this is my first post here to break the ice with this cute website

i hope i'll find stuff to say but i'm pretty bad

at sharing stuff online

lately uuuuh i'm digging through random internet links to find stuff that would inspire me for my school project

basically i've found some websites i already found long ago (textfiles.com for example) and thats really fun and interesting to see other people's povs of what could have happened in real life, textfiles.com hosted plenty of text files about plenty of different subjects, more or less legal

i'm going to make a website for the character i'm writing and that's REALLY fun, i really love writing actually...

well thats it goodnight

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soooooo im back!!! it's been a while huh? well, i sorta forget this account ever existed heh. but im glad to be back, and i have plans to upload a couple of things here. mainly some mini essays and rants since i like doing those in my spare time :> im super addicted to rhythm heaven and rhythm heaven related topics and i love this silly lil critter from an underrated fighting game called rakuga kids

its's name is beartank!!!!

also i'm now a writer for a zine

check it out for yerselfs!!!


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Hailo !!!!! Im marcelo aand im looking for friends around my age !!!! Im 16 , add me on spacehey !

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hi hi !! this website is so cool . let socialising online be wacky and silly again as its intended

my spacehey is zaphalicious come say hi >:)

< --- this is me

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help with html DX

long story short, html is driving me nutz.

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can one of yall html whizzes plz help me with some html thingz um stuck on??? heres some thingz i need help with...

1. creating a good sidebar menu for meh website

2. creating a decent spacehey layout

3. making a good layout 4 meh webpage

datz all! thank u 4 reading. contact me thru spacehey: xXQuinn.CatastropheXx or tumblr: xxquinncatastrophexx

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about me

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Roller skating!




Hello Kitty!




Abt Me

Alt Queen

High School Junior!

Me <333

First post

I guess some introductions are in order

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Greetings I´m Ghastly

I´m the Proud Owner of a Website Called Creature Feature and a blog called The Ghastly Gamer

I often talk about monsters, cool animals, videogames and photography there


Pronouns: He/They


Studied: Environmental Sciences

Skills/Hobbies: Photography, Bird Watching, Horror movies, doodling, doing game reviews

Fave Animals: Bats, Birds and Bugs

Fave Monster: The VAMPIRE



I like the idea of a place where I can make online collages, and who knows maybe a zine of sorts for my site.

Virtual Scrapbooking what a concept


happy thursday

thursday’s a gr8 day xP

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it's a good day... i think yew deserve one :p

My silly introduction

Because we gotta start somewhere

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Hello world!

Name's noriaki gingerbrave but you can refer to me as just Noriaki or cybermare

Me trying to think of something to write right now ->

I am very bad at writting about myself but ill try

I mainly like mostly just crawl around community and not talk much, a lurker if you will

I am multi fandom, this includes stuff like

Loveweb [AKA the purple pony's media source]

Object shows [Mainly HFJone but im open for recommendations]

I am questioning [Possibly Pansexual] and I use any pronouns

I have trouble reading big chunks of text combined together and prefer images over text

As some examples, but these may change overtime due to me being very changing of my interests

Sorry for this being so short, but thank you for reading

And I also have terrible memory, this causes situations like I forgot who you are due to you changing profile picture, so please be a dear and remind me or tell me in advance if possible

My dni are just the regular dni criteria

I always have trouble writing long things


an introduction i guess?!?!?!

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hoi! i'm Quinn. i'm pan and genderfluid and go by they/he/she pronouns. mi interests are anime, cosplay, scene kids, coding, drawing, music, playing the guitar, cosmetology, spacey stuff, internetty stuff, old web stuff, 90s/2000s stuff, and lights. i'm neurodivergent which a lot of people say is "cool" but not really cool - i suffer from social anxiety, which usually keeps me from ordering food, making friends, getting help, talking to cashiers, sometimes even talking online. But i'm working to overcome these fears and be more social. my dream is to be a guitarist and singer in a band! i'm currently learning guitar quite quickly and playing my favourite songs.

i have a spacehey! xXQuinn.CatastropheXx

also i'm learning coding and tryna make a website (help and advice is appreciated XD)

plz add me on spacehey! i'd luv 2 meet u xP

i love drawing. drawing's my life hehe

And i luv cartoons. #heheiluvgir

oh, speaking of music, my fav genres of music are emo, scene, hyperpop and lofi (low fidelity). my fav artists and bands are BVB, MCR, avril lavigne, gerard way, andy sixx, PTV, kellin quinn, vic fuentes, yellowcard, fall out boy, paramore, gorillaz and we the kings. i want to be just like them!

i'm also a cosplayer n a diehard scene kid haha. expect a lot of scene sh1tposting. my fav scene queens atm are zawmbikilla, nicovamp, ambrehisdead, yoyo su1cide, clawed beauty, trashmob, i could name more...

im gonna be using this site as a journal kinda.