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introduce yourself and say hello to fellow composers in multiverse!


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I want to hangout more. Hmm I'm thirteen, I love to watch sunsets and I don't really have a style. I'm free too any age and also, BRING CANDY!!

Hey, my name's Mili!! I really want to be friends with you guys. Also I am in school so I won't be on a whole lot.

I also like drawing.

My favorite book is Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli. Whatta bout yours? I love food and candy. I roleplay and I love it. I also love making friends. But what about you? Tell me more about you. *silence* Ouh really? That's cool, you should tell me so much more on discord: "mililikesfood" Hmm. How are you? I hope you're alright. You could always vent to me:)). BTW did you see the spider in the corner? Oh really?? Hmmma alright. Do you like candy and food?

You got any candy? Mhhh... Oh also I'm alright for now!!

You should tell me more about the food and candies you like.

{Poof} I disappear. OH AND I WRITE STORIES.

about me

all about eilo e. the silly ever. html user.

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my name is eilo and i'm 16

they/them hetero afab

i love this goofy guy

him too

one piece is my ultimate interest !

eng/jp/latin ok!


new places are spooky

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hi! i'm aleksei or anton, many names but right now i like those.

i found this place on retrospring and decided to try it, it looks funky and interesting

i use he/him pronouns along with quite a few others but that's for a later time

i am a boygirlic gay man, trans if you want to be specific. i am taken by my lovely girlfriend.

i am 15! a minor!! so don't be weird around me please! i have anxiety and adhd i think

i like call of duty (hence my username), one piece, the boys, drawing, music, frousetwt (not active, sadge), smii7y house+, pezzy mainly, animals (seals mainly <3), coryxkenshin, hermitcraft, grian, kaif, salt raiders, etc etc

mainly when i do get to using this, ill post drawings on occasion. ive never been big on blogging but id like to try it. ill also post about my hyperfixations, being one piece and call of duty, whether its headcanons or theories about what happens next, and so on.

okay, thats all, bye now

my pfp is by oronhoy on twt and the full body is by sodapvnk_ on twt.

Introducing Myself

Oh god what am i doing??

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You can call me Shepherd, Eris, or Jack. If you wish to donate a name then feel free to call me whatever you'd like.

My Neocities website:

I'm in my 20s, I use he/him pronouns, and I'm queer.

Me -->


♡ travel ♡ the fae ♡ MMA

♡ magic ♡ art ♡ sociology

♡ parkour ♡ nature ♡ skating

♡ old tech ♡ knitting ♡ degrowth


♠ interpersonal drama

♠ web3/NFTs/crypto

♠ bureaucracy

♠ capitalism

˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ intro post

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Hello, hello everyone <3 My name is Francis (any pronouns). I just wanted to make a small introductory post here!

I'll probably be posting my art here, and perhaps some things about my personal stories and characters.

Some other info about me:

˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ I have ADHD and ASD.

˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ I'm a huge fan of lovecore, in case it wasn't obvious.

˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ I draw with CSP and MS paint.

I'm really happy to be here, hope to start making more posts soon <3


The point where I question my sanity

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Hello there. I'm Persephone. I, uh... don't know what to post. But I'm posting! That's what matters!!!!

I'm an autistic writer with a handful of special interests that I may or may not post about. I dunno. We'll see.

heya, website

im new around these parts

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woaaahhhhh i dont know what im doin'! A friend sent this to me and now im hopping on the cool fun blog train. what do people normally blog about? i can blog about books..? im reading The Heartbreak Bakery (the same friend that showed me this website let me borrow it). the book's about an agender baker (syd) who accidently makes breakup brownies because syd's girlfriend decided the relationship wasn't working out. and now everyone that eats the brownies starts breaking up with their partners. whoops!! yeah it's pretty good so far :)

hey this could be used like a comic or story that's updated weekly or something. that's pretty neat!!

after investigation i have realized there is a whole section for introducing yourself so i will do just that. soo, hi, you can call me juice, i use they/them pronouns and... i like drawing and stories and making stories except i dont make very good stories :(

im still figuring out what im going to use this blog for, but im sure ill figure it out :D

hm im tired and i need to work on that comic i said i was going to make and have only made one page of so im gonna call it a day, mysterious website i need to figure out how to navigate. byee



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oh hello there !

you have made it to my little corner of the world ^-^

hallo i’m chxrryrxven ☆ call me leaf or cherry

still trying to figure this out please be patient

february begins


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just another night at work - except this time i actually remembered to bring my computer. i've been trying to find the charger for my old shitty community college laptop but had no luck, so i bit the bullet and brought my nice laptop to work anyways. is it a distraction? well, yeah. but considering that i would just be on my phone regardless it's not really that much of a concern to me.

i'm avoiding working on my EPIK program essay, even though i have so much to be done i just feel too stressed right now. so i've been doing research for my coding projects and having a grand lil ol time. i'm about to watch some intro to unity and unreal engine videos. i only have a little experience with either one. i'm the kind of person that will get overwhelmed if i try to learn everything at first, since i'm more of a learn-as-i-go kind of gal.

- sierra

i can't believe i've officially been working here for a month now. it feels like everything is gonna change but... in a good way.

now that i finally will have like. real time to think. i'm hoping i can get back into my creative projects and actually get some completions made. i want to work on my chapbook of course but i also really want to revisit my capstone and complete the rest of book 2 as well. i have so many things i want to do and i think now i can finally make the time to do them.


this is Me.

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hi multiverse..!

i'll most likely be posting from school... since this site is unblocked on chromebooks, don't expect anything too fancy.

see you soon,


it'z angie. i joined this website because my BFF recommended it 2 me. hope it's Gud.

my current interest is... TROLLS. dear god i love trolls it's not even funny. no one gets it but oh my god the trolls franchise is the best thing that has EVER happened to me. it's all i ever talk about!! but i probably won't be posting about them LOWKEY! probs just daily life stuff and thoughts. if i feel like it. music is cool too... maybe i'll do songs of the day. i also like 2 draw... sometimes. AND CATS :3

(most recent colored drawing... Yeesh)

Who even Is this dudechick ?!

an oh-so splendid critter ! (unbiased)

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Hi ..?! my name is Blair but i also like being called Aoba ^_^ ermm I use he/she pronouns & a lot of other ones But i do not care to list them all ! i am also gay i love men :3

i am a physical media ++ old tech fan i aspire to collect a whole bunch of Nifty items that have become obsolete over the years ... box televisions & clunky PCs deserve your love ...!!

music & BL are maybe my biggest passions i love funky tunes & bishies !! seriously all i care to talk about i have like Three interests (thanks autism)

i kinda just need a place to get all my brainworms out !! so here i am !! i will try my bestest to not forget about this site nyahaha ....

** hi

greetings & pleasantries :-)

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Hi .. i'm orbit / care. bodily 17. audhd sys + more. genderfluid panromanic aroace alien thing. i luv the world.

i'm on spacehey under the same handle, if u want to reach me 4 some reason

⪩⪨—⠀⠀ENTRY 1 : LOOKS

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Posted on January 30th, 2024 at 9:48 AM CDT

sometimes i wonder what i could look like when i transition; i could probably take T and have a dad-like bod and be really hairy and stuff, or i could avoid taking T and just look more neutral than masculine to have people mix up if i'm male or female.

both of these bodies bring me euphoria whenever i think about having either of them, but sometimes i wonder; am i just indecisive about what i wanna look like, just like how i'm indecisive about quite literally everything? i wonder why i can't be perfect, but then i wonder why i can't be freakish and abnormal and have everyone hate me while i bask in the fact i'm not normal?

but, let's keep those thoughts aside. i'm way too young to start T right now, i should just enjoy how i currently look as of right now ^__^


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hi hello, my name is singsong but feel free to call me coloresse, roxek, grave or chance! i'm a poc transneu boygirl, and i use it/flash/dwell/music

i decided to join this site because my friend was on here, and i thought it'd be fun, so here i am ^__^ i hope you can enjoy my presence and my blogging

p.s., don't ask who i killed for this handle i beg of you...

mspaint journal #1

summer’s inability to do anything important

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After a millennia of lurking on Multiverse, Summer finally decided to post something...

(under a different alias than usual)

While "working" on a big essay, I got the urge to start making crappy MSPaint journals...

Why can't I get the urge to do anything important?!

Why did she decide to start posting when she had the most amount of work due? ...Man, what an idiot!

so anyway... this is my introduction post...

Don't try to reach me... anywhere!!!!

I've seriously been here forever... I'm like, a Multiverse veteran...

Not sure how much I'll post, but you know...

well i dunno but it feels like that

as for socials...

...ok, but if it's really important, look for poltercat anywhere... don't tell anyone, ok?!


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What a fun looking little site! Maybe I'll consistently post here, unlike any other blog I ever made.


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i like...

hii!! im woodlouse!! brought to this site by the internet angel himself elias

starwars <3

doctor who


spacehey css/html

uk, css obsessed

hopefully will get to properly blogging soon!! 4 now i j wanted to play around a bit <3

about me


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- it/ey/he prns

- early 20s

- abrosexual & transgender

- anarcho communist

- disabled therian

- EST timezone



hello, im halcyon, but you can call me hal. decided i wanted to do a proper introduction. i use this website as kind of a blog, kind of a poetry space, and kind of a stream of consciousness all wrapped up into one. i really love sharks, pokemon, music, pathology, invader zim, and mass effect. i code (html/css), make kandi, and play video games in my spare time. its nice to meet you

@halcybutton is my handle almost everywhere ^_^


fave artists:

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HIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REALYL LIKE MS PAINT!!!!



i hope you like my page

(zeeble lorp zi dage)

i am (not) human

my page reminds me of mint chocolate chip and i like that


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greetings from earth!

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hii again ( •̀ ω •́ )y

I want to introduce myself. I'm koiitan!

Your friendly alien that trying to be a human.

me \^o^/


- digital and traditional art

- animation making

- music making and genres

- 3d modeling

- making games and websites

This place will be my little blog where i will mostly post about my life and my art but i will try to make it interesting o(*°▽°*)o

That's all for now!

ヾ( ̄▽ ̄) Bye~Bye~

name: koiitan

gender: genderfluid

sign: libra

i uuhhhh

idk idk idk

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im 26, i’m an autistic purveyor of gender mischief and im trying to find slightly less passive ways of reaching out for connection within the online void.

dividers are kinda neat. i think i find this more accessible than, like, doing the css from scratch or even painstakingly reverse engineering a template.

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Hello. My name is Mercedes Powers. I currently live in the United Sates of America with my family. It’s not so bad although I might consider moving somewhere else when I get older such as New York City, Canada, or Mexico. I still haven’t figured that out yet…

What I do know is that right now, I'm living the dream. I'll introduce myself in more details later though. I finally have lots of friends (I had no friends before high school. Now I have like 30 in a school full of 800 people from all parts of our city who sacrificed sports and the fine arts to get a college like experience in high school) and I'm in love. His name will remain a mystery online but let's call him Charlie.

Charlie is in my English 3 class. At first, I didn't really get him but I really wanted to be his friend. We both have the class after English in the same hallway so I started conversations with him and I soon started referring to him as my friend. He used to find me annoying until he recently started warming up to my presence. My best friends know about my crush on him and tease me about it even when he's nearby. I think he knows about how I feel because he's a very observant person but he personally doesn't say much so I actually don't know if this is the case. However, I will make a Charlie post soon. Bye Bye for now!

intro post

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i'm moony, though you'll find me as jack everywhere too. i have a neocities site, but it's out of commission atm thanks to the weblords, or whatever. so i'll link it another time once it's all fixed. if you see a dave miller about, that one's mine. be kind to him, he is lovely and i will find out.