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introduce yourself and say hello to fellow composers in multiverse!


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new to this site, found it on spacechey and it seemed pretty cool.

i'm lake, 15, bisexual, i accept all pronouns, i'm very into retro tech, music (topster below) and cats

i also make music, check it out at https://soundcloud.com/lake-Ramage

i'll try to be as active as i can, feel free to add me on discord @ lake#8008


october vibes

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This universe seems nifty, I think I'll stay


I can’t wait to talk with other people here but apparently you can’t.. for now?

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Here's some funni bumper stickers I stole from a website which I really like:


And here's a little animation I did:


My #1st Post


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Sup! This is my first ever post in multiverse! Hiiii =)

Hi There

My first day at Multiverse

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Hi There! Just reliving the memories of the 2000's here.

New Here

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Hello! I am new here!

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welcome to my home page............




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hi. i'm heav. i don't really know what i'm doing, but i am. this is a post, and i am posting this information for you to see.

first one to find out what it is and what it's for gets some


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This is my first post! hi :)

Ooh! A Friend!

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@devinova I think I saw you on spacehey! We're in the normal people group together :)

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sup nerds

First Post!

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My first post!! I'm excited to make some new friends :)

My icon is from hypnospace outlaw :P


also find me @

!!!!!!!!!! <3


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on this site i'll be going by taro/marcy n using they/she/fae! :]

seventeen ✧ lesbian ✧ nonbinary

˙♡ ༶⋆˙⊹・゚✧*:・゚

i'm an artist n i mostly draw oc stuff &warrior cats!

i'm esp interested in amphibia, warrior cats, minecraft, &cookie run atm, but i rlly like toh, harley quinn (2018), butterfly soup, she-ra (2018), & genshin impact

i probably won't be super active here until there's more ways 2 actually interact w/ people!! who knows though:)

if u wanna follow me on other sites!! > https://mothwiing.carrd.co/

✧ *:・゚


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my love and joy. my genshin men cum edits. my beloved


my friend once said ahok looks like miku and its been haunting me ever since

other links to where i post are at

theyre all there

this is the only recent self portrait i have on hand rn

HELLO my name is surya. im some 20 something year old guy from the foot of a volcano somewhere

i like posting images that make myself and other people wince


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I'm a 20 year old college student who's tired, chill, working on an illustration degree, and gayer than you'll ever be. I have a girlfriend who's much cuter than I am, and I got 2 cats, named Cheeto and Bones, who are opposite aesthetic gay lovers and nobody can convince me otherwise. My interests involve games, cartoons(sometimes anime), drawing, writing, true crime, dnd, and staring at the ceiling while I listen to Mother Mother and wish for a better life.

Almost all of the art on this blog is made by me unless stated otherwise, so,,, please don't use it without permission?

A A A A A- Hello there, I just made this thing and I wanna post something, so I may as well introduce myself!! For now you can just call me Blue or Blooks!

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A test post and an introduction.

My name is Sadie, and this is a test post I'm making to play with this website. This is a cute little post layout because I wanted my very first post to be very cute! I'm 24 (about to be 25), I have a cute girlfriend and I'm gay (technically bi but gay). I like magical girls, anime, cute things and true crime. I'm a school worker and am in school to become a SPED teacher! Here are some quick stamps to finish this post off. :)

hi there :)

an intro of sorts

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Fav Book

Some of My Favs:

hi. so, i figured since this is my first post on multiverse, i should probably give an introduction.

so, i go by shades online. i'm 26 right now, but will turn 27 in the fall. i use she/her pronouns (although gender's a little confusing at the moment).

i'm asexual and also on the aro-spectrum. so for me, i identify as gray-polyromantic ace.

(ace flag, polyromantic flag, grayromantic flag)

i'm pagan and a beginner witch. currently, i've been getting into reading tarot/oracle cards, as well as making sigils. i'm still learning, and there's a lot i'm interested in that i haven't learned about yet. my spirituality is something that gives me a lot of comfort and empowerment.

i quote vines constantly, like to sing when no one's around, and love playing video games. i also like watching movies and musicals, reading webcomics, learning about a myriad of topics (ancient history being one of them), nature, writing, making arts & crafts, etc.

i'd say i'm a pretty understanding and easygoing person (well, as easygoing as you can be w/ anxiety). i consider myself to be a good listener, and try to see where others are coming from. i can be quiet, but i also can enjoy being around others at times. i'm also curious and have a love for adventure. i would love to travel some day (if it weren't so expensive). also, another thing - whenever there's something i care about, i can become really passionate and super opinionated about said topic. i would also say i'm fun-loving, and can be quite imaginative as well (which can be both a good & bad thing lol).

anyway, there's definitely more that i feel can't be summed up in an introduction. but, i'm looking forward to making more posts on here and getting more creative :) i've been really enjoying myself! ^^ 'Till next we meet!

☉ Libra ☽ Taurus ↑ Scorpio

Suitor Armor

Fav Webcomic

Fav Movie

"All Good Things are Wild and Free." - H.D.T.

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yay, mySpaceoh

oops. I need to build a collection of imagens and gifs to compose my blogs lol

I have nothing in my drives. sad :/

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nyanay6anayayn nyanyanya?!?!?!?

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So here we are guys and this is so cool - Hello!


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I wish I could go somewhere like this --->

It would be so cool


It's my first time posting here. I found this website through neocities! It seems like a cool website to blog and I like how customizable it is! I don't know if I'll post here often, but it seems like a fun way to post things to social media without worrying about likes or who sees it. Kind of like tossing something into the void in a way.

I guess I'll use this platform to talk about stuff I cant in my real life? So... hello! My name is Fae/Dulce/KC and I go by They/Them pronouns mostly, but can really go by any. I haven't told anyone my dream IRL, but it's to become a streamer/youtuber. I'm only 18, so I'm trying to get a job to save up for equipment, I already tallied the costs to figure out my goal. It may seem foolish to some that I'm willing to risk having no success, but I don't know. I just want it to be a hobby and a chance to make someone happy like how the creators I watch did.

I was alone as a child and YouTubers brought me a lot of comfort. I don't know, guess I just want to do the same even if I don't get big. Even getting like 10 followers would mean a lot to me. Either way, I'm doing what I like, which is playing games!

Anyway, done with this diary entry. It feels like one lol, maybe I'll post some poetry and other stuff here. I don't know. Guess I'm trying to find somewhere to belong and let out my interests without judgement. Have a good day!



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hello is anyone out there? my name is rosemary and im new! im currently learning

html + css + javascript to build my own site. there ain't much to me.

18, non-binary, nuerodivergent, any pronouns!

i like the blues brothers and ghostbusters

and alot of other stuff lol

Hello, Multiverse

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Hello Multiverse friends. This is my first microblog post testing this tool. It looks really cool.

hello internet universe!

~I’m new here~

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my name is Riyam and I just discovered this wonderful website! I am not quite sure what to do with all this creative power yet but I'm loving it

Here's a collage I made recently. Since the start of the pandemic I have been so, so nostalgic for the early days of the internet and have been trying to find outlets for my nostalgia, with art being one of them :-)

A/S/L ?? 27 / f / canada <3

1 2 testando testando

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*foto aleatória da Audrey Hepburn pois é o que eu tinha salvo aqui no meu compiuter*


Ainda tentando aprender como utilizar esse site