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Hello There

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Wow, I guess I live here now. Coolio

Anyhow, I am Lancis! (they/them)

I love Will Wood, Shayfer James, Hearthstone, MTG, card games in general really

I love to create weird concepts, but do nothing with them.

hello hello

intro post

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hello i'm angel.

i really like the design aspects of this site, it'll be fun to use as a journal.

here's a drawing of my OC Theo I did today :)

i look forward to making pals here

Hey! Is this thing on!?

Testing, testing, 1-2-3…

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❝Oh, actually while you're here, would you like a drink? A snack? Here are some that I've found that I'd like to share with you!❞

❝Okay...I will admit I was trying to distract you I really don't wanna talk about myself. But seriously, if you haven't had a snack or drink in awhile go have something nice, you deserve it! Anyways, to properly introduce myself I'm Oliver though I guess I told you that in the beginning. You'll have to excuse me, I've never really done anything like this before. Something I really enjoy is collecting cute things most, especially stuffed animals like Squishmallows! Other than that, I enjoy gaming (casually), writing, and reading though I haven't picked up a book in awhile admittedly. My favorite genre is probably horror, though because of this I've become harder to scare which is unfortunate I still love it though! ❞

❝Ah yes, it's working! Well, here it is. The dreaded introduction post. Well, at least for me it is. "So Oliver, tell us about yourself!" But I feel like right in that exact moment I forget about everything that I could possibly talk about. That, and I wouldn't consider myself to be a particularly interesting person even if I could remember. I'm literally just some painfully ordinary guy and to be honest? I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing here, I feel like I don't have anything worthwhile to say. But I digress, I suppose I'll have to tell you a bit about myself now huh, I hope I don't disappoint you, dear reader...❞

❝Actually...maybe it'd be better to list some of my favorite things: popcorn, Five Nights at Freddy's, pancakes, my cats, coffee, Sims 4, playing Just Dance on the wii or just dancing in general, winning at arcade machines (I'm really good at them!), birthday cake flavored things, winter, cherry blossoms, Monopoly, Carebears, Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, cartoons, and daydreaming. ❞

❝That concludes my introduction I suppose! Oliver, signing off! ❞

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HoNk (Hi MuLtIvErSe)

dawn on the horizon

my first post

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hello all! this will be the first post i make on multiverse. i know it's tradition to start off with an intro, but that isn't my style so to speak, so instead, i will be utilizing this post as a test of the website's capabilities (and additionally, my grasp of design theory which evidently, isn't very strong.)

i heavily prefer to code my own webpages, but seeing as i'm a purveyor of websites that don't enforce the same corporate header-banner combo "customizability", i'm going to make an active effort to use this site. i want to see it flourish.

website: soulbyte.me

(i am definitely going to have to get more graphics after this...)


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I use they/she pronouns!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE BONES AND MUSIC

MY KIN LIST IS: Tweek Tweak (south park), Dave Strider (homestuck), Terezi Pyrope (homestuck), Gamzee Makara (homestuck), Ejiro Kirishima (MHA), c!technoblade (dsmp)




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I figured I’d talk about myself a lil bit :3

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Haii I'm Zackary :D

I found this website over spacehey! I don't use spacehey much so I figured I'd have fun on something else X3

https://spacehey.com/xx_zackary_xx < my very basic account if you wanna add me rofl

My pronouns are He/they ^^

My favorite colors are neon pink and neon green-- if you couldn't tell :P

My main interests are in music and art, but I love making nonsensical lore about things, such as the world in my brain ; Zacklainia XD

I'm also interested in games but currently I'm not in a position where I can buy games willy nilly XD so instead I waste most of my time on roblox :P


Eclipssa < is my user if you'd like to add me on there ^ also right here if you wanna cnp

I'm always on the lookout for new stamps or blinkies I can collect :P

Here's a collection of some of my stamps B)

rofl I'll make a seperate entry with all of my stamos at some point XD you can take any of these if you'd like :P

intro posttt


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rooks is the name, and being a freak is my game! i also go noize, rebel, circus, and graffiti

she/they/it/he, plus a lot of neoprns (most prefered are fizz/fang/rawr/144p/candy/🌈/🦇)

current interests are club penguin, pizza tower + sugary spire, and splatoon

fictkin of rookie (club penguin) and the noise (pizza tower), theres a few more but those 2 are the highest

i dont have a dni list on here, but just dont be a major ass and we'll be fine

hello :D

Be Not Afraid. I come from SpaceHey.

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im just some kid. not much tbh.

i'm interested in art, music, and video games!! (very typical, i know lol.) i might not be on THIS website alot, but i will be on SpaceHey!




hello!!!! :D

its been so long since ive used this website. and since i made a new account here, might as well introducing myself here hehe :3

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hello!!! im sonic, or u can call me zack!!! welcome to my multiverse profile :D

i am a 14 year old internet user who goes by they/them pronouns :] i have adhd, ocd and dyslexia

i am taken by the most beautiful and prettiest hedgehog alive (shadow ! <3)

byf !!!

i make puns / jokes sometimes so that might irritate u if u dont rlly like jokes and stuffs hehe, sorry!

i cant stay still and / or focus well aaa

i got distracted easily, so when ur messaging me, i might reply late sometimes

i can get anxious / paranoid easily too

im sensitive, so please be nice

i lovemail shadow the hedgehog a lot, u can ignore it if u want!


14-16 = ok!

17 = depends

18+ = preferably dni

dni !!!

basic dni criteria (homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, etc)

u claimed to be me and / or my bf

ur eggman /hj lol

have been blocked by me and people im close to before

certain people i know before

u hatemail shadow the hedgehog/my bf

thank u so much for taking ur time to read this! i appreciate that a lot :]!

me and tails :D!

wow!! a new website!

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Hello!! my name is clover~♪

it's nice to meet you!

i like to write novels and garden

my favorite fruit is strawberry & i love cheesecake

i also like to blog and sew

Hello, Multiverse!

HNK-obsessed poster enters

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It seems I have found a cool new website!!

Well, Until I post next, bye. ~I3P3

(Very cool..)

No comment feature?

(Aww man..)

I think!! I will use this website regularly. Probably not tho, lol

Maybe for art? probably.

(Maybe even start a comic? Nah, I'm thinking too big too fast)

HNK Posting? 100%

(I'm a little insane about it B) )

posting Ocs too? probably

(As well as some other stuff? Maybe)

☆~< |^_^| >~☆


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I luv2 play roblox a lot! It's one of my favorite games ^__^

Speeking of games.. theres a lot of games on roblox....!!! let me share my favorite ones ,,,

my name is Solan!,! online alias is Randomist >!!!

I do many things... like drawing... playing video games.... listening 2 music... :T

I'm a HUGEEE nerd when it comes2 my interests... I could literally talk 4 hoURSSS and not get bored xD

nevur used this site b4 so... I'm gonna use it now!!!


These games proooobably have sum theme 2 them... **cough coughz.. Killin ppl xD**

Here r sum of tha games I used2 play back in the day!!!

Murder Mystery 2

Buuuut... I like other games too!!! Especially the less kill-y ones O_o

There's way more ofc, but these r sum of my favorites from those times!!! ^_^

KAT (Knife Ability Test)

Breaking Point

I guess that's what this site is 4 LOL

(there's mi profile :3)

now... TIME 4 MUSIC!!!

I Disagree is SUCH A GOOD ALBUM GRAHHH... 2me it isn't my absolute favorite...that title goes2 I Disagree (more) ;3

This album is like... hrrmm.. I wouldn't say it was my introduction 2 poppy but it was one of the albums that made me click to her!

I Disagree (More) was the thing that made me SNAP XD

The album is a continuation of the firstI Disagree and it's just a musical MASTERPIECE... I will never ever get tired of it!!! >_<

Excluding nyan cat hangout!!

I Disagree and I Disagree (more) both by Poppy!!

Burn Pygmalion is LITERALLY LIKE LISTENING TO HEAVEN... it's one of the greatest things known to man and my second favorite album to ever exist. The Scary jokes is so underrated you have no idea.

Although it isn't my introduction to Liz's music it IS the album that made me click to their work :3

Burn Pygmalion!!! and Retinal Bloom both by The Scary Jokes!!

Retinal Bloom isn't out yet, but what we got to listen to so far from this album is absolutely ANAZING...!!!1

When I get the chance to buy this album physically I ABSOLUTELY WILL!!! And I absolutely won't regret X3

I thinkkkk I will end it here ^_^ I've spoken so much already I won't have any room to talk about anything else O_o

Soooo... that's it for this post!!! I'll definitely talk sum more later but this blog post is a wrap!!!

(I dunno how2 end this so have a Derpy Hooves with a Nintendo Switch ^__^)

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finally able to access this site on my pc, yay. anyways

helloooooo foolish mortals, my name's draco

19 year old she/they ace lesbian disaster with way too many random interests

let's see. well first off i'm an artist (art here). i mostly do digital fanart/oc/creature design drawings but also am into cross stitch, plush making, web design, doll customization, writing fanfic once in a while, and starting/brainstorming projects i never end up completing. every time. also trying to learn 3d modeling, video game design, and embroidery, i think i'm okay at some of those as of now but i'm still working on improving

as for like. fandom interests. i liiiiiiike...

movies and shows: the owl house, steven universe (mostly just the zircons), the cuphead show, idk if this counts but minecraft hardcore let's play videos, whatever interesting documentaries i find on youtube, atlantis: the lost empire, encanto, the haunted mansion (2003)

viddy games: minecraft, my singing monsters, pet sites such as 4dopt and furvilla and whatnot, dreamlight valley, stardew valley (lotta valleys. huh), splatoon 3, miitopia, cuphead, spore, the sims 4

other: disney parks/general theme park history, speculative biology

and. biggest hyperfixation as of right now (2018-present)

the haunted mansion (yes, the ride at disneyland/disney world)

specifically this guy. mr hatbox ghost. i wont get into it here but theres a LOT to say about this guy and the ride's lore in general. warning you rn im very passionate about this stuff

what was i talking about. oh yea uhhh thats my about me post the end thanks for reading

wubbox :)

I'm so sorry i forgot to say hi :(

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Hello everyone! I'm new here, I don't know what to put here for my introduction so I'll just say hello.

I've been on here since August and only made one post, then I wasn't active since. :'^. Please forgive me.

Anyway, I hope you all have a nice day.


dni if under 18 please

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it looks like there are no follow functionality or even comments...

i would love to get to know some of the people on this site though!

this is my first post here. i hope to add more in the future, but no guarantee

you know how it can be with random social sites you join and forget about

leave a comment if you know how!

greetings, fellow humans...

¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

An Introduction (or whatever idk)

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Good evening, mortals....

sorry that's really cringe i won't do that again

...But yeah! Hi! I'm Moe (or Morgan, if you wanna use my real name)! I'm a wannabe goth living in Canada with a passion for film and art! I'm no good at art though and probably won't be for a while, but I still love art as a general concept.

My biggest obsession is probably horror media, but mainly surreal and psychological horror. I also really love animation, especially anime and stop motion. I'm actually trying to make stop motion shorts of my own at the moment, so I hope I can call myself an animator one day.

Not sure if anyone's gonna bother, but my twitter is @irlcronagoron (...cause I'm a massive crona kinnie) and my letterboxd also goes by MrsMoe! If you wanna contact directly me though, you should hit me up on discord. My username is MrsMoe#7860

I don't know exactly what I'm gonna write about, but this site looks pretty fun. I've always wanted a highly personalized webpage, but I'm too dumb to use neocities. I could probably learn coding if I really tried, but it seems so overwhelming to me. So yeah, this place seems like a good compromise.

Anyways, yeah! Glad to be here! Let's get spooky!

intro <3


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haiii :3 namez pixel! nice 2 meet u guyz! i'm gna b using this 4 my own crazy ramblings. im down 2 meet new ppl but im not all there so forgive me if im weird x3

i like: lain, cutecore, tumblr, webcore, crying, neocities, gaming, cryptids, metal, happy hardcore, manga, urbex, yanderes!!

i hate: liars, bad noise, babies, bigots, country music, mean ppl :(, cishets/hj, people watching me from my cams/mics

DNI: bigots, dsmp fans, anti yandere, anti MOGAI, anti irls, ppl who force recovery

plz keep in mind i deal with schizoaffective disorder, chronic depression, and tourettes. I have trouble with pplz bein mean 2 me :C

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hello! i have no idea what i'm doing

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Heya everyone! You can call me Somebody

- He/Him

- Mexican

- Autistic, trans, asexual and suntherian

- Artist looking to be commissioned

Here's some examples of my art! My tumblr is https://www.tumblr.com/somebodytolove31


Woohoo first post :)

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I’ve been making a Neocities site, it’s real simple at the moment but

I’m decently happy with the work I’ve done

Wassup! My first post here. This has a real cool setup.

I go by Fedya and I draw a lot. I also really like One Piece and talk about it A LOT on my Neocities.

Anyway. Go check me out at https://fedyafunk.neocities.org/



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First Post!

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Hello everyone!

I came across this site while looking though Neocities.

I want to post my art on here, and maybe do some blogging.





Hope you all have a good day!

I'm already enjoying it!

spacehey roll call

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my user is caninecrucifix!!

my name appears as “yaro”

add me!! (if ur over 18)

hey there everyone! got a spacehey?