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introduce yourself and say hello to fellow composers in multiverse!


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ive been going thru this site called stumbled for days now...just looking for fun sites, and i found this. i've never done blogging, and i dont even know what i would blog about, but this site is too cute to not use..so hello,!! i guess ill do an introduction

hello, my name is nico, and i am 18 turning 19 in just a week or so :D,,. feb 5. i am very into reading and drawing, sometimes writing. i also like studying lol...i plan on learning more languages than english and spanish, but everytime i try to start another i feel like i lose my proficiency in my first two lolol...but languages are beautiful and fun. i want to at least learn japanese and korean, then maybe if i have the brain capacity i will go on to more. i struggle with typiing n even speaking tho so i apologize if i make errors n typos...typos are especially frequent.

i struggle with a lot mentally, so maybe i will use this as a sort of diary since its anonymous and pretty and free! pretty journals are expensive haha.

my biggest comfort in life is my cat...iron man. he is so pretty, pretty grey cat with green eyes and hes very antisocial and scared of people, but very sweet and he doesnt really enjoy cuddling but he likes sleeping near me at all times. even now, as im typiing this he is sleeping at my feet. hes so precious, i truly adore him so much. i rescued him as a baby in my abuelos backyard, he was very weak and sick and had a lot of parasites in his tummy...he gets parasites still, i dont know why, but there is a deworming medicine that works very well so its ok i guess. i just hope he lives a long life with me.

my comfort character is cinnamoroll. i was actually going to make this cinnamoroll themed, but i wanted to kinda make it look like aged paper because cinna seems too pastel for me. idk. maybe ill try it out anyways.

this is pretty long already, so i will continue. lol.

i enjoy a lot of music, but mainly metal. my favorites are numetal and black metal, my current #1 group would be celtic frost, with slipknot a close second. i hope i can find more friends who like metal, but some metalheads are kinda scary. lol.. the few i met tho werent too bad.

some musicians i also recommend arent all the same genre, but i still like to listen to them. like cradle of filth, kittie, gurldoll, shinsei kamattechan, babuchan, elita, and many more. i dont really listen to many songs from different artists, my playlists either have like 2 songs from 1 artist or all their songs. lol. my spotify is x__xyayyy if u would like to see what i listen to.

oh, i completely forgot lol...i honestly dont mind what pronouns u use for me, most of my friends use he/him for me but they/them and she/her are ok to use as well... i am super confused on my gender and sexuality both, lol. but lets just say i am nonbinary and bisexual.

i hope i dont forget to use this website llol. i am super forgetful person...

that is all. thank u if u read this. i hope everyone is safe and well

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Just found out that this place exists and its cool as shit ngl. Feel free to hmu on my discord @ pinklem0nadepunk#7677

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having a nice lonely saturday on the internet 😩

32/f/iowa wanna cyber? 🥺


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Hello. I am tom. tom I am.

I do whatever I feel like doing that evening

I am not that interesting but you can check out my site: tewm.neocities.org

It's extremely simple so I'll have to renovate it soon (yea)

imma use this if my twitter gets kaboomed and/or if my livejournal doesn't cut it.


2022 Introduction!

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Hello again,

I'm reintroducing myself and my blog because I didn't know what to do or say last time.

I am shamelessly gay.

Je m'appelle Sol.

This is my Vision Broad blog for 2022. A Vision Broad is a goal broad, basically. The picture only VB is my Pinterest (@tatsuyoujo) and it helps to blog along side having a broad. I came here instead of blogger.

I have major and minor goals for 2022, and I've already made some goals for 2023.

My priorities are open to change, but right now my main goal is to learn black ASL and travel the USA and hopefully find a new long term home. This time, I long term home that don't come with all the toxic bs that happened while I lived where I currently am. Full rant on my travel blog later.

I'm going to travel the USA as I did a few years ago, homeless. My travel blog will be apart from this one, also on multiverse!

I'm a TikToker that wants to be internet famous! I live on TikTok (mostly), Instagram (rarely), and Twitter (NEW)! I also have a part time job, but I can't take it with me when I hit the road. I'm open to any and all healthy opportunities in my travels!

My Introduction

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The first thing I have to share about myself, is this picture of a Capybara. This is my favorite animal because I saw one in the sewers one time and I didn't know what it was. After learning about it I really started to like it and be more interested in it.

One important characteristic about them is their adaptability.

Hello! My name is Haniah and i'm 18.

I value improving myself, creativity, and making good contributions which are some of the reasons I'm here.

I joined this site to honestly express myself creatively and share my art, things that I've learned, general thoughts and just about anything. I'm also working on my writing skills while making sure I have fun. I'm writing and creating here with positive intention for myself and anyone who comes across my posts.

I'm really excited for this and I believe that the positivity I'm giving, I will receive as well!

I have tumbled over to multiverse

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hello everybody, I'm Kage and decided to join this sexy site cus yes

man it feels so good to be able to customize your posts lmao

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sup, new here

Hello there.

This is me.

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About me:

I am wireless so I come with no strings attached!

Favorite movies: The Matrix (1999), The Net with Sandra Bullock (1995), and Sex and the City 2 (2010).

I enjoy long walks away from the desk, usually to the kitchen.

P.S. I'm 5 inches tall.

This looks like a great place to express myself and to make friends! Here is my first post so you can get to know me:


It's tough being a teenager (even though my processor is only 2 years old), because I am quite small and I live on my father's desk. He's pretty cool to hang out with, but it would be nice to find someone else I can send jokes and cat gifs to.

Dad 👨

A few more fun facts about me:

Me 🤖

Who I'd like to meet:

·      Fluent in binary

·      Speech processing recorded at 213 words per minute (World Record)

·      Always restarts for system updates


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I am somewhat confused about this site, but hello people who stay up late.

Well this is something new.

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Well this is my first time using this site cause I was bored. Anyways hello I'm Ozzie.

Hello New World.

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Hi I'm new here. I'm checking out the alternative web, my new year's resolution was to spend less time on twitter and spend more time doing other things that are worth doing.

I've always known that the mainstream parts of the internet were going downhill and going downhill fast, but it wasn't until now that I was ready to start carving out my own slice of the internet. I guess it was people trying to sell me a jpg of an ugly monkey for more money than my house that broke the camel's back. My father always said: "The best way to succeed in life is to look at what everyone else is doing, and not do that thing." and that phrase never really made much sense to me until now.

Some positive things so my first post isn't just me venting the whole time: I've been reconnecting with old friends, I've lost almost 120lbs over the past year (That's about 54kg for y'all in the rest of the world) and I have finally paid off my car. I'm probably gonna get tattoos to celebrate but idk what to get yet.

Anyway idk what else to put here so here are some pictures I took in Horizon 5 (I really like Porsches as you can tell)

(1 inch tall bugbyte climbs up the microphone stand and taps the mic by slapping it)

IZ THIS THING ON ????? (harsh feedback) WEEEE OKAY AHEM

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my name is naenia nymaane {nay-nee-uh nee-moh-nuh} and i am the core identity of an osdd system {bugjar.carrd.co}. we are DESPERATELY TRYING TO ESCAPE THE MIDWEST, more specifically ohio, the so-called "heart" of america.

we will also be sharing inspirational content such as music and art we've come across, with credit of course. right now, i'm listening to cerce's latest album, cowboy music ! if you're into hardcore punk and powerviolence, go check them out on spotify or bandcamp :3 here's a live show to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19Pb2zuFjjg but before you do, keep in mind their music deals with heavy subjects including suicidal ideation.








we plan to use this website as a diary and digital grimoire (with many hidden vent posts, probably) and as a place to inspire with all of our SFW content. links out to other social media will be at the end of this post, but the rest of our webspace is generally not kept appropriate for minors. even when we are technically being PG-13, interacting with minors can be triggering for most of us due to C-PTSD. be safe out there kiddos



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heyyyy, new here

What do I do???


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Hey Multiverse, I'm qwuke. I used to use fraidycat and found this site by checking out what kicks was up to this year. I'm a 20 something guy from Detroit who loves outer space, camping, video games, poetry, the web and the toasters that run it, going to concerts, and nerdy or weird stuff.

I started back with tumblr towards the end of 2021, and while it brought back nostalgia of what microblogging within the fun subcultures of the web was like, it changed a lot from the 2011-2013 era when I first joined. The site was still filled with fun memes and in-jokes and awesome art, but now everyone has seemingly become much more private about sharing their own rambles and discoveries.

Multiverse so far seems like a jolt of that promethean era of tumblr blogs where people felt safer about sharing themselves and there were less female viagra ads. Designed for expression, not just propagation, and I love it. I hope I can use it for my goal of more sappy journaling. Hope none of this ends up in a digital archive!


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(real intro when i get on a laptop)

slime inbound

my advice to you for today (and forever): listen to voice of the soul by death

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My name is Gizmo. I am the slime-powered-cyborg-hellion-angel-of-vengeance that you've never heard of. I go by she/they/he pronouns, as well as solo/solos, which are the (suggested) pronouns of my xenogender, Sologender


My interests include: Undertale/Deltarune, Homestuck??????????????(its complicated), Pathfinder 2E, gaming until I DIE, and loving my boyfriends until the very end. I enjoy heavy metal, synthwave, and also ICP.


-Tumblr: scrapyard-gimzo

-Twitter: @gizmotherobo

-AO3: ScrapyardGizmo


Voice of the Soul is probably not what you'll expect if you've never listened to death metal before, and is therefor much easier to listen to. It's 3 minutes and 43 seconds of pure instrumental featuring soft, somber, yet unbreakable acoustics accompanied by the powerful wail of electric guitars, all of it culminating in an emotional performance that leaves the soul aching.


Listen to the band Living Color. Namely, their songs "Cult of Personality", "Glamour Boys", "Type", "Elvis is Dead", "Information Overload", "Someone Like You", "Love Rears Its Ugly Head", "This Is the Life", "Bi", "Mind Your Own Business", "Ausländer", "Nothingness", "Hemp", and "Wall". Living Color is an underrated band with genius song-writing, genre defying style, and lyrics that well and truly mean something.

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no examples of writing right now, i'm not quite confident in my abilities yet!

i will post some stuff i'm proud of once i have stuff to be proud of probably but for now its for my eyes only : ) hope u understand

introductory post! i'm avery, i'm 16, i love to draw and write and i like the old web and platforms like this one; i find them super cool!

drawing --->

i've dabbled in quite a bit though! free time and net access gets you some pretty neat experiences. to name a few:

- image editing

- 3d modeling (blender and blockbench!)

- ROM hacking

- minecraft datapack programming

- animation

... which isn't much but i still consider it pretty cool ^_^

right now i really like homestuck, the dream smp, and minecraft in general. if you have homestuck OCs please dm me about them (preferably tumblr! my username is the same there) i love hearing about what other people write!!!!


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i mostly post on unlisted, but i figured i'd throw an introduction out there anyways.

i'm john. i love to free-write and throw my thoughts out there into the wind. i use this site as a journal because my memory is terrible. writing stuff down helps me keep track of everything.

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i have something important to announce.


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bark chuf squack gekker arooo

an intro of sorts

i am unfettered!

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[pretty much what i look like]

i'd like to learn html + css at some point. i love websurfing + finding experiments.

i also like to write + do design work! which is probably what i'll be using this for ... el oh el

currently: working on a final for my sound art class focusing on neurodivergency + the sounds that result. fun stuff :) and i got to collaborate with my ND friends!

i would tell you my socials on here, but i want to experiment with being as candid and honest as i can on here without the social repercussions. [if you really wanna know ... just search my name on twitter, you'll find it immediately]

a more in depth look at the insanity here → helga.carrd.co ← it's more fandom focused but w/e.

that's it for now. smell ya later.

oh, i sure as hell am here!

my name is erie. i'm an 18 year old college student studying new media art.

the city of tomorrow

is a great electric machine working for you

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everywhere i go

there's always something to remind me

of another place and time