the world i see

short hikes, friends, wooden texture, stationery, what do you see through your eyes?

Pick a flower

Being the first in our adventures through the jar of random buds that we’ve received from friends;

&, wherein, we visit the Orange Grove.

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“Choose one,” I said to Her. I was listing to port on the couch, conspiratorially unscrewing an old plastic jar and proffering it as I came to a lean on her shoulder.

“Oh my godddd…” Her gaze was excitedly apprehensive. We were about to go off-trail in unknown terrain. Even so, her thumb and forefinger had immediately formed a readily open beak.

consciousness transpo.

Having picked out the stem, I ground the rest & filled the electronic vaporizer's little stainless oven. Inserted it into the water pipe ... ... ... ... ...Electrons and trichomes. Digital vapor

We are in the Orange Grove.

We are in the Orange Grove.

We are in the Orange Grove.

We are in the Orange Grove.

We are in the Orange Grove.

We are in the Orange Grove.

There are other beings in the Orange Grove. Gossamer & crystalline, sparrow-sized dragonflies float oddly

on the air around us; neither the flit of their wings nor their rate of travel appear sufficient to be keeping

them aloft. Also moving, with purpose, through the air are small masses of diffuse light in mutating pastels

and regions of dense vapor billowing almost imperceptibly. Insect, light, and myst alike impart an

unmistakable sense of compassionate, cooperative consciousness.

The little hand-bird pecked, coming up out of the jar with a big, hairy, peach-like cola tip. Fractalized plantstuff like something out of Annihilation.

We are feeling warm, humid zephyrs and sensing

the sweet, musky aromas of the natural forest. I'm describing to Her that we are in an idyllic,

naturally irregular grove of venerable and stately orange trees. The continuous canopy is profoundly high

overhead. It is a magical blanket the essential and luminous green of life, that filters sunlight into a gentle,

sumptuous balm.

Between all the trees and their companions abound the creeping lives of the forest's carpet. Expanses

of plush mosses, perfect for a rest; dense spreads of thymes in beams of liminal sunlight; moist

grottoes, moss agate, where dewdrops hang perpetually from bell-shaped flowers that are

another color.

Her voice points out to me: pumpkins are growing here: at once I notice how, clustered around the base

of many of the ancient orange trees, frothy little explosions of pumpkin patch burst from the glowing seam

where the tree meets the ground. Rich green tendrils bear pregnant orange gourds in small clusters.

With that flower

Shall we ever again find our way to

the Orange Grove?

now one with the air

We'll have to see:

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another thing i've been doing is learn software.

qgis and arcgis give me pain i dont understand anything how does any of this even work whats going on at all times

im having a slightly better time with figma. i slightly understand whats going on and they have a lot of plugins and i love plugins

big thanks to Eirene KW for most of my understanding of figma tbh i love not having to process any audio when looking at tutorial vids i love just reading along

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joke you wouldn't understand unless you can read indonesian

some genshinnies from my inbetweeners au because i HAVE to make anything i touch british to torture myself

kaeya alberich makes me feel lust deep within my balls every day i cry because i cannot cover him in cum

a zhongchi three parter series of images where they spar in zhonglis favourite dresses so childe tartaglia ajax can learn to not fucking rip his clothes into shreds in combat just because he can buy new ones

every day i feel lust and i put that lust inside images.

a series of horrible images

i forgot to post my images here, my apologies

background to this one: i was watching rubby stream a genshin knockoff game on grymme's server and. what if kaeya was the princess. i wasnt there for the first part of the stream where you see that amber was the princess and kaeya was the bowser but like. what if kaeya was the princess

the game was using the character models that mihoyo has downloadable for free on their website it was so funny they removed kaeya's gay little feather boa thats so homophobic

and finally some trademark ladona images. because i am a cultist and i need to make sacrifices


waaoooh some art!!!.

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thought i would just chuck @ least a couple drawings up here 4 now!!

this is 1 of my sonas!!! her name is zinnia!!!:]

*:・゚✧ *

&&&!! another sona>> their name is jade!


what does it all mean…?

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last night, I noticed that my college's art department set out some books for people to take, as they no longer needed or wanted them.

after poking around a bit, I found a book called...

always on the lookout for more books, I stopped to take a look!



well . . .

I am about to find out!!

(I took the book and I'm gonna start reading it tomorrow!!)

^someone on the yesterweb gave me this link, which is a hypercard simulator! I'm hoping the stuff in the book still applies!

p.s. have a good weekend, y'all!! :^D

✧mood board✧

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i'm working on a fun project where the world is highly inspired by my furcadia dreams.. =^..^=

check back for updates:

I'll be home late-dinner is in the fridge.

my e-diary, entry three.

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i slept in till one thirty today. only got up because my -friend?? sister?? roommate??- opened the blinds before she left for work. i have the hiccups. its six pm and my mothers going to make me eat soup. i dont like soup, i feel very sick today. anyway i just ordered a fan for my desk. its blue and small and has cat ears. one of my chick friends has one like it in pink. i really love cats. no one in my family does. while im writing this im listening to using again by benjamin tod. its relatable, i dont like how i find these songs relatable. it makes me kinda sad. i dunno. its from this playlist i have, about trying to not drink or do drugs or whatever when everyone around you is.

ive got to go now. my mothers calling me.



Brain Dump #4

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When we are our shadow a friend?

I've never had to chase my shadow like Peter Pan.

It always followed me in the light.

I lost sight of it among other shadows in the night.

When did the shadows begin to haunt me?

Yet how do these hauntings seem to comfort me?

(will edit this later)

I'll be home late- dinner is in the fridge

my e-diary. entry two.

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i went for that walk i was telling you all about. i was going to take some pictures but i wasnt really in the mood. there were alot of people down there. i live in this little suburb thing right on the beach. in the twenty-sixteen census i think we had around one hundred and eightyseven residents, only around seven of them being under eighteen, but i saw at least twenty while i was walking, most under five so i cant really get mad at them for their parents breaking the rules. we are in quarantine right now, plus its a wednesday, so i wasnt expecting to see anyone there, let alone that many. i didnt walk on the beach cuz of it. kids kinda annoy me. so i went my own way through the wetlands because none of the tourists know there, and if they do they dont go. i sat on this bench near the pondy lake thing, its not really a pond, just a dip in the land that fills with water in the wet season, and read. i finished the catcher in the rye. i quite relate to holden from it. our lives are somewhat similar, or at least my life pre-covid was.

i think i would also like to be the catcher in the rye. the thought makes me content.


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i think im going to go for a walk.

I'll be home late-dinner is in the fridge.

my e-diary. entry one.

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it is three o'clock right now. eighth of september. it was my birthday four days ago, and im coping ok. being a 'child prodigy' brings with it alot of tough moments; and birthdays have always been hard for me. i feel like i havent changed or excelled since i was nine years old. im fifteen now. this is the age the characters always are in those disney shows i used to watch when my parents werent home. hah. wonder if my life will become like those shows.



waking the present moment

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today - I had a deep conversation with the very first person I fell in love with over 40 years ago. It's interesting to write things like this in a world that's probably mostly populated by people much younger than myself.

42 years ago - I was unable to pursue a relationship with this young man because he was black and I was white.

pumpkin spice & everything nice

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i got the pan yesterday at target. the brand is nordicware and it's the skeleton loaf pan.

i made my first pumpkin spice cake of the season tonight. technically my first pumpkin spice cake ever.

i do not know how to decorate a cake and make it look good. i need to get the correct tools and practice (it's on the list, but like everything, it costs $$)

i was pleasantly surprised at how easily the cake slid out of the pan. i used a little bit of butter and flour.

the skeleton design was bold and you could easily use him as an outline with frosting.

i threw together a simple cream cheese frosting and sprinkled pumpkin spice on the top of him.

he doesn't need to look fancy, i started to eat him seconds after frosting.

the frosting to cake ratio needs to be worked on, but other than that.. it was really thick and moist!

who says you need to wait for cooler weather to enjoy autumn activities?? it was 100°F  here today

it was a lovely walk

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we saw some old friends today. we walked behind them. they couldn't see us.

the path forked. they turned left, into the trees, oblivious to our existence. they didn't know who we were. but we remembered when we were them.

when we took our first steps into a world that didn't exist yet. walking side by side, stepping delicately, but with the gentle courage from having a person you can be silent with when the world is loud.

we didn't know it was the beginning, only that it was new.

we didn't know we were young, only how it felt to be young. the softness of our faces, new faces, new eyes, but never strangers. just two old friends, waiting for our moment

we didn't know it was just a moment.

we visited this world today, this familiar world we built together. we pointed out the landmarks, long settled into the spaces they now occupy. remembering when the space was empty.

the path forked. we turned right, walking side by side into the sunset. walking slowly, with the gentle comfort of having a person who knows what others will never see.

not knowing where we'll end up, only that it's time to enter new spaces. new eyes, new faces that will become familiar.

knowing our walk is ending, but taking the long way back

knowing it was only a moment

and what a beautiful moment it was.

you'll always be my best friend.


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this has happened to me before.

but it's still weird

the first time, i lived in an apartment.

i just assumed it was the neighbors.

it happened again last year.

we had moved into a new house.

i asked my boyfriend if he could smell it


i made him vape outside.

now we both have stopped vaping but the smell has returned...

my boyfriend still cannot smell it.

the smell is so overwhelming.

it's nauseating

how can i make it stop?

when i'm not even convinced it's real

if its you, hi, i love you, but you stink

my mom used to be a smoker

someone said it could be spirits


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testing out my new tablet..! :-O

~~~~ i have a week off from work now. whee! i just wanna draw and work on my 3d projects :-) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~''''~~'


♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡


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Nya hates change. She’s not taking them well.

Annoyed with the changes, she’s been drinking too much muscato.

So Nya had to take things into her own paws.

There was no more chimken food at home!

Anyā forgot to order.

She places an order for chimken food.

She finds Anyā sitting very still.

Afterwards, Nya looks for Anyā to give her a piece of her mind.

Nya is stunned.

Nya has only one way forward.

Her work starts now.

Nya must become a Pawfessional Cat.

She must build an empire to  hoard all the chimken in the world.


The last few months have been dark times in Nya’s life. She’s had to make a series of life-altering changes.

Chimken food doesn't come cheap. Nya is now a Pawfessional Cat at Paw Cat Guide, trying to make monies to buy chimken food. Welp.

History of Cat Collars

The Abridged Version

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Cats have been wearing collars for a long long time now.

We mean a really long time.

Cats were worshipped.

Revered as gods.

But... there was a fundamental problem with the relationship between the cats and their hoomans back then.

Cats and hoomans could influence each other's social status.

While the hoomans enjoyed an elevated social status when the cats were treated as royalty and gods, the cats suffered with the decline of the royal empires.

Cats were unfairly sent to farms, regular households and the streets to live a regular life.

A (Short) History of Cat Collars




Let me stress this again, they had to live a regular life.

No, no, no. I don't think you understand this fully.

You see, a regular life is not rich like a royal life.

Not enough attention.

No richness = not enough food.

Not enough admiration.

Not enough hooman servants.

Not enough shiny things.

An era of starvation thus started for cats all around.

For the first time since the invention of the food bowls, cats saw what the bottom of the bowls looked like.

Some screamed in shock & terror.

Some scrambled to forage for leftovers in their neighbours' houses.

This was also the same period when cat collars saw a significant shift.

Cats were no longer given their royal collars.

You see, the royal collars held magickal powers. ✨

They were usually buried in tombs with the hooman servants. This was to keep the hooman servants from coming back in their afterlife.

This was common practice back then to keep the royal cats safe from the ~hauntings~

With the fall of the royal empires, hoomans suddenly began to think of themselves as equals to the cats.


The hoomans began to rewrite cat history, talking up themselves and downplaying the royal felineness of cats everywhere.

Hoomans dug up the cat collars buried in tombs & wore them as something they like to call necklaces. All because they wanted to discreetly check out each others' chests. Whaaaa.

Over the decades, hoomans progressively rewrote cat history completely.

There was complete erasure of cats' rich history and their artefacts.

Cats everywhere suffered greatly. The last surviving cats who had seen the royal population at the height of its civilization saw it as their duty to pass on their tales to their young ones.

To keep the tradition of the cat collars alive, cats tried to fashion a neck-tie out of things they found.

Depending on which household a cat decided to enter, their collars ended up being different.

Over the decades, catstorians observed that distinct styles emerged with these new & modern cat collars (lacking in flair as well as magickal powers).

The cats on farms often have bright coloured handkerchiefs tied around their neck. These cats are free roamers and their hoomans like to keep an eye on them when they roam the vast lands so they never get lost. The handkerchiefs serve as hoomans' Northstar during the daytime.

The cats living in regular households often have a piece of leather with a metal coin tied at the centre for safekeeping. These cats are forming a quiet revolution to find any scrap metal and keep it safe with them.

They hope to recreate magickal collars like the grand old days eventually. Aaah, grand dreams these cats have!

The cats on the streets often are unaware of their own kind's history. You see, cats on the streets live a hard life. Each cat to their own. The older cats are too busy fending for themselves that they never get around to telling their young ones about cat history since the royal times.

These cats are often seen with no collars and are often subject to many cases of ~hauntings~ out on the streets.

The last type of modern cat collar can be seen on some very speshül cats. They can't decide if it is a blessing or a curse, but they admit they are the chosen ones.

These are the pawfessional cats.

They usually come from various backgrounds, but often swap out a humble regular neck-tie for a bow-tie; the sign of the working class among the cats.

These cats don't just dream big, they are out for blood. Revenge is their middle name. They seek justice, they want to set the record straight about the lost tales through cat history.


This chapter of cat history is a speshül commission by Her Royal Felineness, Ms Nya. Nya is a Pawfessional Cat at Paw Cat Guide. Stay tuned for the podcast release narrated by her. Finally, the original voice of a cat!

Anantjeet's Book

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Eight years ago, I stepped off a plane in Delhi and took a taxi to the home of my dad's friend TP Singh. When I got there, TP came out to greet me—and promptly renegotiated my fare with the cabbie so that I wasn't getting a raw deal.

It was the beginning of a wonderful (and wonderfully generous) two-week-long stay, during which time I became good friends with TP, with his partner Baby, and with their brilliant daughter Anantjeet.

When I arrived in India, Anantjeet had recently graduated from design school and now was working at a design studio. This studio, as a side project, was making the most marvelous maps of historical sites around Delhi: the Qutb Minar, Hauz Khas Madrasa, Jantar Mantar.

(Here are some low-res scans I found on the internet.)

Anantjeet loaned me early copies of the maps, and every morning Baby packed a tiffin with various foods, wrapped some fresh roti in a paper towel—and I would set out for these ruins. Is there a better way to visit a city than to stay with a local cartographer?

This story is going somewhere! But first, more relevant back-story: Anantjeet and her family are Sikh (as you might guess from their last names: Singh and Kaur). But Sikhism is a big religion, I learned. Their smaller spiritual community especially emphasized music.

Almost every night we'd go to a different gurdwara and listen to / participate in kirtan—ecstatic songs of praise often sung to the tunes of ragas and accompanied always by a harmonium, often by drums, and sometimes by other instruments. A few people led, but everyone sang.

Here's some singing posted on Youtube that's like this singing, but it's too focused on the great singer up front. : This, though, was more collective, organic, embodied. Eventually I got brave enough to sing along, too. Joining all these voices in song felt *good*.

At the end of my time in India, I'd linked up with my partner at the time, and we came back and stayed with the Singhs again. Our last night, we sang kirtan in their living room. Here's a picture of that night: me and Virginia with Anantjeet, her parents, and lots of relatives.

When I left, TP and Baby and Anantjeet gave me several books about the history of Sikhism and the content of its spiritual teachings. I brought them back to the US, read them, and they've ever since had a proud place on my bookshelf.

Partly, I love these books because they remind me of my friends. But also, before I met these kind people, I knew so little about this fascinating and beautiful religion. And I feel like few Americans know much at all about Sikhism.

For instance, I had no idea that after ten human gurus, the eleventh and final guru is the written collection of the previous gurus' teachings. Named Guru Granth Sahib, this book has pride of place in all gurdwaras, often on a beautiful, cushioned, roofed palanquin.

I share this detail because as a lover of books, it's profoundly moving. But of course Sikhism is a whole religion, and I'm neither expert nor believer. I don't want to attempt to summarize what makes it great.

And really, it was TP and Baby and Anantjeet who shared its greatness with me. They helped me understand it, and they embodied its virtues. Maybe this is obvious: it's the faithful who define a religion and not vice versa.

Which is ~maybe~ the whole point of Anantjeet's new book, One Amazing Sikh at a Time, which I got in the mail today! It's a collection of 51 one-page biographies of historical and contemporary Sikh people—each accompanied by a beautiful illustration.

The little biographies are written by Seerat Kaur Gill; Anantjeet did the illustrations. These paintings are beautiful and varied—each capturing something essential about the subject. Here's one I love: of Mata Khivi, the 16th-c. inventor of langar, the Sikh food-serving practice.

But then here's Harnaam Kaur, a contemporary primary school teacher with a syndrome that causes her to grow lots of body hair—a onetime cause of shame that is now "a source of inspiration for men and women to accept and love themselves." Look at this amazing woman!

It's a beautiful book. I'm so proud of my friend Anantjeet for making it—and how great it is that I get to have another book about Sikhism in my collection. Please consider adding it to yours! (I think it could be especially interesting for kids.) I think it's available only on Amazon for now:

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the trash did not get picked up this week

because we did not take the trash out

or maybe just because we are all far too sad to be of much use anymore.

maybe because it is Wednesday

the sun comes through the glass and reflects back the droplets of rain that cling desperately to our eastern windows

neither should you.

dripping down the garbage disposal to catch among the blades,

rain never falls from the same cloud twice.

the storm that left them here now far away.

know that i mean it because it is painful,

the tomato plants are burning, leaves turning soft yellow,

the compost bin is full.

because i cannot see them from the bathroom window

so, therefore, they get forgotten

the memory of green leaves blowing away with the gentle sway of curtain in open window-ed breeze

the fruit flies having claimed them for their own.

the bananas on our counter have long turned brown and mushy

not just because it is honest.

so when i say the dishes are rotting in the sink

Time Flies

do you think they buzz like fruit flies?

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Haven't posted in a while, but things have been going pretty well.

Started at a new job that I really like.

Trying not to feel guilty about letting my writing here slip.

Guilt isn't going to change anything. This was an experiment in creativity and it's working.

My D&D group is back to playing weekly

I feel more creative than I have in a while. I’m working on a side project. I am doing good work at my job. I'm creating a new D&D world. All in all, I'm feel much better.

And that's a win in my book.

First Post

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Hello! This is my first post here on multiverse, and it looks like such a neat and interesting website. I'm loving this little personalisation binge that I'm on, and discovering all these cool little sites!

And this post layout is so flexible! What an absolute treat! It feels like such a scrapbook that I can just be slappin a whole bunch of things onto. The hmm, chatting feature looks very interesting too. It'd make for such an interesting guestbook! Bring back personality to the web!

What have I been up to? An update

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I've grown to enjoy helping people out on their journey to build a community while also hoping to have my own one day. That's why I'm currently planning to upgrade my setup (excluding PC) to improve the quality of my own streams, which are currently camless and voiceless.

This isn't intended to be shameless self-promotion, BUT if you are so inclined:

Twitch Channel | Community Discord

To close out, I want to express my admiration for the minds behind Multiverse for this beautiful little site they've created, and the community of bright and fabulous creative people they're cultivating. I LOVE stopping by to look at the latest posts whenever I can and am always impressed at how you all use Multiverse to make some genuinely impressive and gorgeous posts!

Multiverse still has my heart. I unfortunately haven't had as much time to dedicate to my post ideas as I would like. However I'll still be checking in and posting when possible. I'll see you all soon, much love.

Most of my online presence has been focused towards Twitch. I've been moderating for the most part but streaming myself, typically late in the evenings in my time (UK/Ireland).

I've been modding on and off for various streamers since 2019 and took a long break in 2020, during which I started streaming myself. Both experiences have been fun but time consuming! I try to catch other streamers when I can but it's not always easy.

I also volunteer to assist streamers in setting up bots both on their Twitch chat and Discord servers, having a fair amount of experience in that field.

Hello to the wonderful and creative souls of Multiverse! I realise I haven't posted in a little while, and wanted to give an update on what I've been up to. Truth be told, it's nothing too much or too exciting in general, but I'm definitely having a lot of fun!

Also if you need any assistance with bots on either platform, reach out via Discord and I'll be more than happy to help to the best of my ability!

Great Neck

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Great Neck is on Long Island, just east of Queens.

Intentional renewal

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I just came across Winnie Lim's post 55 months of weighing the costs from last year

it's such a beautiful one

"Today is our 55th month together. 55 months of special dates, 55 times of intentional renewal and celebration in our 4 year-ish relationship. It could easily be just 4 times instead, but why choose 4 when we can have 55?"

Isn't this what life is about --

intentional renewal and celebration

I love this so much