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on this site i'll be going by taro/marcy n using they/she/fae! :]

seventeen ✧ lesbian ✧ nonbinary

˙♡ ༶⋆˙⊹・゚✧*:・゚

i'm an artist n i mostly draw oc stuff &warrior cats!

i'm esp interested in amphibia, warrior cats, minecraft, &cookie run atm, but i rlly like toh, harley quinn (2018), butterfly soup, she-ra (2018), & genshin impact

i probably won't be super active here until there's more ways 2 actually interact w/ people!! who knows though:)

if u wanna follow me on other sites!! > https://mothwiing.carrd.co/

✧ *:・゚

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I feel like I should do life updates or something,,, or just y'know, talk about stuff. So I decided to go out and watch Over the Garden Wall again, but this time with my friends! It was pretty great, and I lowkey forgot how spooky it got. I'm also beginning to get out of my whole like, depression slump I've been in for the past few weeks, I'm cleaning my room, and doing things I like, like painting, and- feeling a little better. Somewhat okay at least. I started taking care of myself again too :3, which is definitely a step in the right direction! Uhhhhhh, I pet a lot of cats recently, that's been pretty nice, and,,, what else- uh, I'm gonna try to go to therapy soon? Yeah. So that's about it, I'll shove some art and blinkies on here to finish it off.

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this image of childe tartaglia ajax. but hes some sorta bubble based magical Guy. if you touch the bubbles you die regardless if youre the enemy or not. tough luck for bubble enjoyer little kids

this other image of childe tartaglia ajax. the cock bubble represents how i feel when i aim a burst at a bunch of treasure hoarders and they all drop big boy golden insignias (lust)

i do wanna say. man. images posted on multiverse stay huge. like theres no compression or anything you just get hi-res everytime. i like it. i will continue posting art here



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Ah man I should introduce myself. I'm Setsuna, or Setsu, or Eien, or Fylln- Lotta stuff.

She or they are both fine with me, currently vibing with making edits for Genshin Impact, or other stuff if it gets requested.

If you see either of these pictures as profile images with any variation of my name, it's probably me, feel free to say hi.


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my love and joy. my genshin men cum edits. my beloved


my friend once said ahok looks like miku and its been haunting me ever since

other links to where i post are at

theyre all there

this is the only recent self portrait i have on hand rn

HELLO my name is surya. im some 20 something year old guy from the foot of a volcano somewhere

i like posting images that make myself and other people wince


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I'm a 20 year old college student who's tired, chill, working on an illustration degree, and gayer than you'll ever be. I have a girlfriend who's much cuter than I am, and I got 2 cats, named Cheeto and Bones, who are opposite aesthetic gay lovers and nobody can convince me otherwise. My interests involve games, cartoons(sometimes anime), drawing, writing, true crime, dnd, and staring at the ceiling while I listen to Mother Mother and wish for a better life.

Almost all of the art on this blog is made by me unless stated otherwise, so,,, please don't use it without permission?

A A A A A- Hello there, I just made this thing and I wanna post something, so I may as well introduce myself!! For now you can just call me Blue or Blooks!

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A test post and an introduction.

My name is Sadie, and this is a test post I'm making to play with this website. This is a cute little post layout because I wanted my very first post to be very cute! I'm 24 (about to be 25), I have a cute girlfriend and I'm gay (technically bi but gay). I like magical girls, anime, cute things and true crime. I'm a school worker and am in school to become a SPED teacher! Here are some quick stamps to finish this post off. :)


11th Harbinger of the Feiyun Commerce Guild

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Meet Xingtaglia — The Eleventh Harbinger of the Feiyun Commerce Guild. Xingtaglia has had a reputation for being studious and polite ever since he was a young child. Just remember this: Behind that mild-mannered and polite exterior lies another side of daring adventure and mischief.

Pan a

He got ensnatred

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my image

gay kokomi

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look at my image

this is one hell of a website and one hell of a posting format hope this takes off

hi there :)

an intro of sorts

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Fav Book

Some of My Favs:

hi. so, i figured since this is my first post on multiverse, i should probably give an introduction.

so, i go by shades online. i'm 26 right now, but will turn 27 in the fall. i use she/her pronouns (although gender's a little confusing at the moment).

i'm asexual and also on the aro-spectrum. so for me, i identify as gray-polyromantic ace.

(ace flag, polyromantic flag, grayromantic flag)

i'm pagan and a beginner witch. currently, i've been getting into reading tarot/oracle cards, as well as making sigils. i'm still learning, and there's a lot i'm interested in that i haven't learned about yet. my spirituality is something that gives me a lot of comfort and empowerment.

i quote vines constantly, like to sing when no one's around, and love playing video games. i also like watching movies and musicals, reading webcomics, learning about a myriad of topics (ancient history being one of them), nature, writing, making arts & crafts, etc.

i'd say i'm a pretty understanding and easygoing person (well, as easygoing as you can be w/ anxiety). i consider myself to be a good listener, and try to see where others are coming from. i can be quiet, but i also can enjoy being around others at times. i'm also curious and have a love for adventure. i would love to travel some day (if it weren't so expensive). also, another thing - whenever there's something i care about, i can become really passionate and super opinionated about said topic. i would also say i'm fun-loving, and can be quite imaginative as well (which can be both a good & bad thing lol).

anyway, there's definitely more that i feel can't be summed up in an introduction. but, i'm looking forward to making more posts on here and getting more creative :) i've been really enjoying myself! ^^ 'Till next we meet!

☉ Libra ☽ Taurus ↑ Scorpio

Suitor Armor

Fav Webcomic

Fav Movie

"All Good Things are Wild and Free." - H.D.T.


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I can't learn anything in this hot mess, I'm melting!!!!

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yay, mySpaceoh

oops. I need to build a collection of imagens and gifs to compose my blogs lol

I have nothing in my drives. sad :/

College Life and Stuff

Post #3

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<----- My perpetual mood


Me rightnow


Hope whoever is reading this having a great day :D

I'm a bit tired. I'm currently in college and to be honest, I never wanted to go. I promised my mom and so I stuck with it. I honestly would rather learn to drive, work full time, and save up the things I've been wanting for years. I want to be open and redesign myself into the person I wish I was. I'm just too used to not deciding things for myself I guess.

I just don't know what my dream is. I'm fresh out of high school and in a major I don't even know if I'll continue to like. I mentioned my dream is to be youtuber/streamer in my first post but even so, that's not really concrete, so I continue to go to college even though I'm kinda miserable. I should get a degree regardless, good to have, but still...

Life just has no meaning, but you have to find and make your own meaning. The problem is what is my meaning? What should I do? What will make me happy? I've always tried to find meaning in expectations but that only made me miserable.

In the end, I still have such a long way to go,

being 18 doesn't mean I'm automatically a fully functional adult,

but there's still the expectation of acting and

being like one. It sucks...

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undimmed by time

unbound by death

i had it, and i lost it, and that's it.

that's all i get.

i don't care if you get it—you don't need to get it.


what does it all mean…?

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last night, I noticed that my college's art department set out some books for people to take, as they no longer needed or wanted them.

after poking around a bit, I found a book called...

always on the lookout for more books, I stopped to take a look!



well . . .

I am about to find out!!

(I took the book and I'm gonna start reading it tomorrow!!)


^someone on the yesterweb gave me this link, which is a hypercard simulator! I'm hoping the stuff in the book still applies!

p.s. have a good weekend, y'all!! :^D


I am basically new here haha

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The God Of Highschool

GOH is a webtoon which got an anime adaption.

I've watched and read till the current episode but

dude I miss GOH so muchh.. The writer: Yongje Park

is on a very much deserved break. I even read some

old episodes and watched the whole anime again

haha. If you are looking for some action comedy

webtoon and or anime then I recommend :

The God Of Highschool

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nyanay6anayayn nyanyanya?!?!?!?

intro ig

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im snail, my pronouns are they/she.

some of my interests include..

reading, drawing, toh, minecraft ,music (and probably some other stuff i cant think of)

um, ok bye

✧mood board✧

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i'm working on a fun project where the world is highly inspired by my furcadia dreams.. =^..^=

check back for updates: entranceorexit.net

Gender Is Confusing

Post #2

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I think I'm scared to change myself. I'm scared to say I'm non-binary,

scared to say the masculine persona I created is simply fake.

I stopped wearing dresses and skirts

because I never liked them and because

they were forced onto me with

femininity I never asked for. Now, I can

try to be feminine. I can choose skirts

and dresses I actually feel comfortable in,

but I'm too scared to say I was wrong, or that I've

changed. I don't want femininity forced on me again,

because being masculine was how I stayed in control but now

masculinity has become a chain around my neck.

When I start working, I guess I'll buy myself what I want, but I don't know. It's just horrible being such a people pleaser... I've accepted I can't be one my whole life, but it's hard to break out of habits and labels you've forced on yourself for years. If you asked me two years ago if I'd grow out my hair again and wear a skirt, I'd look at you like you're crazy. I was so sure of my gender and expression at the time. Now, I want to change. I've fought against the internalized shaming I've done to myself since a child for things I cannot control like my race, gender, and expression. I only have one life.

I am non-binary, there is no standard to how I am supposed to dress. I can look like a emo boy one day and then a fairy queen the next. I'm just too scared to say that out loud rip. Thanks for coming to my ted talk lol.


rock, paper, scissors

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in Georgia, the country,

the rock becomes the well

how little we know about the world

the paper covers the well

the scissor fall into the well

oh well,



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So here we are guys and this is so cool - Hello!

I'll be home late-dinner is in the fridge.

my e-diary, entry three.

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i slept in till one thirty today. only got up because my -friend?? sister?? roommate??- opened the blinds before she left for work. i have the hiccups. its six pm and my mothers going to make me eat soup. i dont like soup, i feel very sick today. anyway i just ordered a fan for my desk. its blue and small and has cat ears. one of my chick friends has one like it in pink. i really love cats. no one in my family does. while im writing this im listening to using again by benjamin tod. its relatable, i dont like how i find these songs relatable. it makes me kinda sad. i dunno. its from this playlist i have, about trying to not drink or do drugs or whatever when everyone around you is. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4jUXY6196d2uVDtsyBr46D?si=ad5d089000324e80

ive got to go now. my mothers calling me.



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I wish I could go somewhere like this --->

It would be so cool


It's my first time posting here. I found this website through neocities! It seems like a cool website to blog and I like how customizable it is! I don't know if I'll post here often, but it seems like a fun way to post things to social media without worrying about likes or who sees it. Kind of like tossing something into the void in a way.

I guess I'll use this platform to talk about stuff I cant in my real life? So... hello! My name is Fae/Dulce/KC and I go by They/Them pronouns mostly, but can really go by any. I haven't told anyone my dream IRL, but it's to become a streamer/youtuber. I'm only 18, so I'm trying to get a job to save up for equipment, I already tallied the costs to figure out my goal. It may seem foolish to some that I'm willing to risk having no success, but I don't know. I just want it to be a hobby and a chance to make someone happy like how the creators I watch did.

I was alone as a child and YouTubers brought me a lot of comfort. I don't know, guess I just want to do the same even if I don't get big. Even getting like 10 followers would mean a lot to me. Either way, I'm doing what I like, which is playing games!

Anyway, done with this diary entry. It feels like one lol, maybe I'll post some poetry and other stuff here. I don't know. Guess I'm trying to find somewhere to belong and let out my interests without judgement. Have a good day!