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I should introduce myself ig.

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Hiiya. Name's Kate. Am trans. 19 y/o. Pronouns are she/her.

I like Skyrim very much. I have thousands of hours in the game across all the different versions. I'm also really into the lore of the whole Elder Scrolls Universe. I think it's peak fantasy.

I love Castle, The Mentalist, The Librarians, Warehouse 13 and Star Trek Picard. My favorite character in all these shows is Detective Kate Beckett, she was the reason behind me picking Kate as my name.

My favorite characters in all TV Shows ever in existence are Frost and Snow from the CW TV Show The Flash. They're both played by Danielle Panabaker and I'm obsessed with them both. It's the only reason why I've stuck around for 9 seasons and the reason why I've watched the show countless times.

As Far as music is concerned, I listen to all types of genres but i mainly love Alt Z and Metal. But the holy trinity is:

UPSAHL- My faves are MoneyOnMyMind, People I don't Like and Lady Jesus.

ELLISE- My faves are Bubblegum Brain, Did it Hurt? and Black Balloons

BANSHEE- My faves are I WAS NEVER YOURS, Fuck with a Witch and Death of a Preadator.

Anyways if anyone wanna talk find me on discord at : optiQuan 3247

or simply @optiquan on every other social media.

Today's rant. 05/01/23

People don’t understand immortality.

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First of all, let's start by stating that there's not just a single type of immortality. Being immortal often doesn't mean being unkillable. It just means you won't die due to natural causes, be it illness or the passage of time. This is the first and more common type of immortality.

The second type of immortality is one where you are, really virtually unkillable, be it due to an insane fast regeneration speed or extreme durability. This would mean that not only would you have an infinite lifespan, you'd also survive pretty much everything except the heat death of the universe(which would never happen in this case since as long as you live, the universe will never be able to reach maximum entropy, therefore never dying either).

Now the common arguments for immortality being a curse are the following:

->You'd outlive everyone you care about, and would be lonely.

->You'd end up floating through the universe whenever the earth died and would go mad.

People make these arguments because they are judging immortality through a mortal lenses. As for the case of outliving everyone, the same can be said for mortals. Parents outlive their children all the time, orphans outlive their entire family all the time. Do they despair? Sure, temporarily. But they eventually move on and meet new people. They don't forget their family but they also don't dwell on the past. If mortals are capable of this, an immortal would too. And since they have infinite time, they could despair for thousands of years and still move on afterwards. And these thousands of years would probably go by really fast for the way an immortal perceives time is completely different from ours. A thousand years is merely a speck of dust in the eternal sands of time. Which brings us to reason number 2. In this case, sure you'd float in space, but only temporarily. Eventually everything comes back around, everything changes, except you. Earth is destroyed but another planet is born. It might take millions of years but that's nothing to you. You have eternity ahead of you. Sure, you'd go mad. But after a million years you'd get bored and go sane again. You are eternal, you'll live as long as the universe. There's no reason to despair for you know there's time for everything. And for those millions of years you're waiting for a new world to form, you get lost in your memories. You remember your family, your friends, their kids, grandkids and descendants. You sleep through planets collapsing and stars exploding. And you are peaceful, for as long as you're immortal, anger and sadness always subside with time. You're happy as you look forward to the next planet, the next race you'll meet. The wonders they'll show you. And, the wonders you'll show them.

hello! im new here :3

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Thoughts about life

everything ive been thinking about

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diagnosed with autism this year after graduating high school a whole childhood/ adolescence of suffering and a whole lifetime to look forward to its very hard to imagine but i will try.

Man i really want a job how else will i pay for video games.

and dress like a customized videogame character and buy a million plushies

this august i plan to go to college to study Animation and work there part time

so hard being black, queer, and feminine presenting no matter what ill never feel like myself in this world fuck this world make my own world with black jack and hookers !!! (futurama ) lets go non binary gang with she/her/they cause fucc u

obvious doom and gloom aside i love who i am im so sexy

i need to get our more call up friends like finn and jake i need to get outta this apartment

i enjoy bumming around the house not like im doing nothing im working on voice acting. why do we all feel worthless if we aint doing something sounds cap to me capitalism !!!!

ITs Blinkie Time !!!!!!!!!

in conclusion : idk i just wanting do making a post true to me whatever take from it what you will screaming into the internet void. its very hard for poc to get the help they need because are thought of last this is reality but as the internet has shown me we can all come together and find community and learn to truly live with ourselves. as the great uncle iroh once said " life happens wherever you are, whether you make it or not " so lets lift everyone up dont forget the ones who need it the most we can make it through this messed up world.


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Hello, I am new here. Uh hi. :)

Go Give A Listen to some of my Music Sometime!

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Diary 29/04/2023

This is me

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For example: my attention span and focus can improve.

My tummy hurts.

I need to sleep

<- this is a silly drawing i did a while ago

I should start reading books. I could take advantage of the abilities I would adquire if reading books becomes a habit.

And I would feel better about my existence


A bit about me <33

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Hello!! You can call me tech, this is my first time ever posting I am so excited!!! <3

I love music, reading, 90s/00s shows, and all things Pink, Black, and white!!

Music is a huge thing for me, so expected song references

or even some song recommendations from my playlist uvu

A bit about my likes/hobbies

My hobbies are Reading, Writing, Ju Jitsu, and Biking!!

Some of my interest are:




if everyone was blind

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imagine how little discrimination there would be if everyone was blind

i made a zine

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sooo i made a rock muzic zine!!!!

yay? : D

plz check it out, and if u do , THANK U!!! i hope u liek it!

1st cover!!

so far only 1 issue is out: vv --->

I will make more !! but i'm very new 2 making zines lolol

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 SACRAMENTO, CA, April 22, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The platform is a take on Geocities and Angelfire style websites formatted to be like a late 1990's-early 2000's version of Twitter, Tumblr, Myspace, Facebook and Discord. It is a niche social media platform meant for those interested in retro tech and art from the timeframe. This is a great place to do memes that would not work on other social media outlets due to the direction and culture of the platform like political rantings and the toxic nature of the outlet not related to the Multiverse.The Multiverse looks forward to continuing to provide a platform for users to express themselves and share ideas with the world plus showing users the best social media you cannot find anywhere else.

About was founded by Kicks Condor, Kaylen and Glitchy Owl as a microblogging network.

lori corner update

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First time ever on here! this seems like a cool website, and im looking forward to seeing what it can do :)


just trying it out

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this place seems fun

going to have to think of some things to make and write :)

Documentary Review #1

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"We were the obvious choice because we stood out from everybody else" -Damien Echols

A horrific triple child murder leads to an indictment and trial of three nonconformist boys based on questionable evidence.

This has been a case I've been fascinated with for years. Between the controversial trials that went on surrounding the case and the murders of the three young boys its been a case that has kept me awake at night. I've watched pretty much all the films and documentaries that tell the tale of this insanely gruesome and disturbing case, read through countless articles.. and it still breaks my heart every time this case comes up, not only for the boys that were mutilated and murdered, but also for the West Memphis Three who were convicted as teenagers in 1994 (Damien Echols was sentenced to death, Jessie Misskelley, Jr. to life imprisonment plus two 20-year sentences, and Jason Baldwin to life imprisonment) and later all three exonerated. (If you have the time, look into this case. Read Damien Echols work, he is a great author.. also go ahead down the rabbit hole because there is SO much stuff online regarding this).

The trial that took place exhibits exactly how flawed the American justice system is. Between tampered evidence, corruption, false testimonies, and mass hysteria involving media spiraling out of control labeling the murders as "satanic" and labeling the west Memphis Three as Satantic murderers despite the lack of physical evidence against them, basing the medias perception on the three based only on what was being shared to the public while leaving out key evidence that was vital to the case. This has been a case that is very near and dear to my heart. It is a case that I have become very passionate about through the years as I have a son that is the same age as the boys murdered and it kills me knowing there was no justice served, only an ongoing blame game just to prove the legal systems "competency" and "solve" the case. The West Memphis Three spent close to two decades in prison for crimes, in my opinion, they did not commit, and justice has still not been served all these years later.

This documentary was difficult to watch, and I do think its worth it to mention that out of all the docs and films ive seen about this.. this one was the most gut wrenching, as it shows actual footage, including the bodies of the boys within the first five minutes so viewer discretion is absolutely advised. It also had a lot of footage and audio from the WM3, and also the parents of the boys who were murdered as well. Although heartbreaking, this was a great documentary.

Movies/Books I suggest you watch/read if this case intrigued you:

-West Of Memphis

-Devils Knot

-Life After Death

-Dark Spell

Remember their names: Steve Branch, Michael Moore and Christopher Byers

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Think I may have ducked up my shoulder

It's in so much pain even tho I stretched it out beforehand

It's so bad I wasn't really able to practice with it

Shoulder Pain

Me just wanting to play volleyball

Hi, I'm new!

This is an introduction of sorts

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Hey, I'm new here. I'm gonna introduce myself. I use the names: Remus, Stanley, Spencer and Moss! I am 14 years old turning 15 in June! I use any pronouns except she/her but it/its are my favourite!! I am Agender, Asexual and Idrk my romantic orientation yet. I'm also polyamorous with three partners! I'm also otherkin! My kintypes are vampire, cryptid, zombie, goblin and robot! I hope to make some new friends!


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I dip (in), immerse; plunge into water; overwhelm, cover, bury, drown.

I sink down or in, plunge, thrust, drive or fix in.


(of water) I engulf, flood, swallow up, overwhelm.

(figurative) I hide, conceal, suppress.

out and about

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Chai Spritz Iced Tea

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Hello everyone ! This is fun and scary at the same time. I've been trying to purge myself off the modern world, only existing in hidden websites and on the lesser known side of the web. The internet should revrt back to how it was, perfect and without excessive consumerism. Hope to make friends here with yall <3

she's an old soul

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it's getting harder to fall asleep

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I was recently diagnosed with ADHD.. and since then it's becoming more noticable. Things are getting on my nerves more.. it's harder to sleep.. it kinda scares me.


I just hope things start to work out for me after this diagnosis.. I need to start living life again..



I've lived the the past fifteen years with anxiety and panic disorder.. I know how (for the most part) to deal with them.. but this seems harder to deal with.. it's like learning to walk again.

Pro Germ-Line Gene Therapy

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Gene therapy is a highly controversial topic and there are reasons why people are either for or against it. All of us carry defective genes and may not know it. Gene therapy is a route to tackle the fundamental biological cause of the disorder: the faulty gene being replaced by a healthy gene. Genes are the fundamental physical and functional unit of heredity. Each genetic makeup of a person is unique and this is what makes us different from one another. A mutation in any one of these genes can result in a disease, physical disability or shortened life span. These mutations can be passed from one generation to another. With germ-line gene therapy, the inherited diseases or physical conditions due to these mutations could be eliminated. Germ-line therapy should be practiced despite the ethical claims, because it is a long-term solution to save the future generations from dealing with the defective gene pool.

Gene therapy is an experimental form of treatment that uses gene transfer into the cell of a patient to cure the disease. The two types of gene therapy are somatic cell gene therapy and germ-line gene therapy. To differentiate these two gene therapies, somatic cells do not transmit genetic information to succeeding generations, while germ-line cells provide genetic information to offspring, as well as to the future generations descended from those offspring. Gene therapies can work by replacing a disease-causing gene with a healthy copy of the gene and inactivating a disease-causing gene that is not functioning properly. The idea is to modify the genetic information

of the cell of the patient that is responsible for a disease, and then return that cell to normal conditions.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, the definition of gene therapy is “to modify or manipulate the expression of a gene, to alter the biological properties or to alter the biological properties of living cells for therapeutic use. (FDA, 2021).” Somatic cell gene therapy is ethically less controversial of the two therapies, because the treated defective gene does not pass down to the future generations. It is safe for management of disorders in human beings. Any modifications and effects are restricted to the subject and not all the future generations. That is why somatic cell gene therapy does not raise ethical concerns.

Although somatic cell gene therapy is a good treatment for specific genetic defects, one disadvantage of using this type of gene therapy is repeating the treatment for every future generation. According to Leroy Walters and Julie Gage Palmer in an article called Germ-Line Gene Therapy, the disadvantage of somatic cell therapy would be prolonging a defect. Examples used in the article were Sickle cell and cystic fibrosis and the article states:

If somatic gene therapy is employed in significant numbers of people afflicted with recessive genetic diseases, some of those people’s somatic cells will be

able to function normally, but their reproductive cells will remain unchanged, thus assuring they will be carriers of genetic disease to the next generation.”

(Palmer, 637)

Using somatic gene therapy is beneficial in the short term and the benefits may not last beyond one generation, because the treatment has to be reapplied. The removal of the defective gene does not treat all future generations. Somatic cell gene therapy is a temporary relief, while

germ-line gene therapy has a promise to permanently remove the gene disorder safely and effectively in every future generation. The benefits of germ-line gene therapy far much outweigh the ethical concerns.

Ethicists consider germ-line gene therapy inappropriate, because it would violate the rights of the future generations to inherit an altered gene. Germ-line gene therapy has the potential for preventing inherited diseases. However, this approach is controversial because it does not simply affect the patient, but impacts the descendants of the patient. If all specific dominant genetic disorder were to be eliminated, that single dominant gene would also disappear.

Germ-line gene therapy has the potential to wipe out genetic disorders before they start and eliminate pain and suffering for the future generation. The widespread use of germ-line gene therapy to eradicate disease genes means that any beneficial traits associated with those particular genes would also disappear. It may be applied to prevent defects and ensure that the root cause of disorder is removed, rather than only easing the symptoms. It will enable the patients to be free of the defective gene and the possibility to be cured of the disease completely. The patient will have a chance to enjoy life once the process is successful.

Preventing the gene disorders into the future generations is one of the advantages of using germ-line gene therapy. With the use of germ-line therapy, somatic-cell therapies will no longer be needed and the chance of children and their right to be born healthy without genetic burden will become a reality. With the effective germ-line gene therapy, the cure will permanently eliminate the genetic diseases. Germ-line gene therapy will be more effective than the somatic-cell gene therapy, because its effects are not limited to the actual subjects being treated. All of their offspring will be free from the genetic condition treated with germ-line gene therapy.

Walter and Page mentioned that gap between the rich and the poor will be widened if germ-line gene therapy is approved. The article states, “However, if enhancement interventions were safe and efficacious, the long-term effect of such germ-line intervention would probably be to exacerbate existing differences between the most-well-off and the least-well-off segments of society.” (642). Once germ-line gene therapy proved to be effective, safe, and available, then the health care insurance industry or tax payers would fund the life-saving procedure to make it equitable for all, because it is cheaper in the long run and more people will have access to the treatment. There are possibilities that the health care cost would be saved; lower the probability of carriers and those expressing a defect will reduce the need to repeat the treatments from somatic gene therapy. The advantages outweigh the drawbacks in this case once germ-line gene therapy gets FDA approved, then the treatment will be viable.

In conclusion, germ-line gene therapy holds promise as an effective treatment option for a variety of diseases at some point in the near future. Both somatic and germ-line gene therapy have their own advantages and disadvantages from the amount of treatment to be reapplied as in the case of somatic cell or the permanent solution that affects future generations as in the case of germ-line gene therapy. It enables the generation being treated to lead a healthy life.

Germ-cell gene therapy affects not only the actual persons treated, but also their offspring. Therefore, a single intervention might affect all future generations that share a common genetic heritage with the original patient. Besides, if germ-line gene therapy has the potential to remove a disease completely from the population, it will reduce or remove the long term healthcare costs of treating the disease extend beneficial effects to all. It will eliminate the need for health procedures, because many diseases are lifetime health issues.

Overall, the potential in germ-line gene therapy is greater than somatic cell gene therapy. If society learns to use the abilities of germ-line gene therapy appropriately, then its potentials will be of valuable use by offering patients therapeutic genes to treat, cure, and ultimately prevent a wide range of diseases that now plague mankind.

An Obligitory Intro

to see how this works.

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already surprised by the the amount of options available with general blocks. Almost too much.

have some sketch and concept work from the beginning of this year

*makes something before January ends* working on more side/minor characters. Brain has said Journalist for this so we’ll see how that pans out

Based her colors on a Flight Rising dragon I had for inspo fodder.