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And...number bami all time...


about me

i made an account to test this site

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cats are cute



april journals

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it's friday, which means my first week back to school after spring break is almost over. thank god. school is eternally exhausting. ap exams are coming up and i am not looking forward to them :/


today was the first day of the local comic con, and i went with four of my friends!!! it's been cancelled for the last two years, so i'm glad it was finally happening again this year.

started watching serial experiments lain finally, really enjoying it so far ( ᐛ )و


i spent all 70 of the dollars i brought with me, and got a signed photo from some guy who apparently was a klingon actor in deep space nine! (haha i've only watched 2 episodes of dsn but i managed to almost hold a conversation) i got a really nice steven universe fan zine too, along with a bunch of stickers and a couple art prints.

for lunch, we ended up walking downtown to get burritos my favorite restaurant that i haven't been to in forever, definitely worth the mile walk down but the mile walk up was a pain--

two of the previously mentioned friends ended up coming home w me because my neighbor is having a late birthday party, so i ended up spending over 12 hours with both of them,, kind of exhausted (socially, physically, and mentally) now!!



not looking forward to that :/ because i've been spending more time studying this last week, i've had less time to draw/game which means my bad moods get worse

a pretty chill day. been working on going through the ap daily review videos in preparation for my upcoming ap european history exam. may 6th, babyy--

almost done with this week! joined a study group discord which has been helpful in motivating me to keep up with my assignments and studying, though i have yet to have a proper conversation there.

finally bought a new thing of boba pearls, it's been over two weeks since i've last had some which was an uncomfortable change from my nearly daily boba (i like being able to chew my tea, just drinking liquid is boring)

finished making the button for my necities, not quite sure if i love it but it's not bad. gotta actually finish up my button page though so i can post it there.

only a week left until ap exams!!! working hard ⊂(=_= ;

decided to make myself a nice lunch today instead of just packing some leftovers from the day before, and i'm really excited for lunch now. it took almost an hour to cook the rice and the soup, but i think it was worth it, actually doing stuff when i get up helps me keep my energy high throughout the day.

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busy busy busy busy busy busy

things I did today:

bought some gummy bears

shopped for discount easter candy

drank a bottle of sake

enjoyed riding in my rental car thats way nicer

than mine

be well xoxo

Superpower Showdown

*~*~ procrastinator v. workaholic ~*~*

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I read an excerpt of this book about just how strange eels are. The excerpt made a big impression on me. For hundreds of years, nobody had any clue where eels came from. They just thought they were kind of magic? Eels live in rivers and streams as adults but swim into the open ocean and all the way to the Sargasso Sea (the current-free middle bit of the North Atlantic) to lay their eggs and die. So that's where they're born, too, and live their young lives. Strange, toothy-grinned beasts. I want to read the whole book.

I swim like an eel through another day and another and another, the days accumulating like so much open ocean.

I love how the grocery store sells these tomatoes as "TOMATO GRAPE CHERRY".

Why not tack a few more on?


Part of me wants to work 14 hours a day, to always be going. Then there's this other part that says, No. You can't do anything else today. You are a slug. A happy slug.

Sometimes I just go lay in bed and look up at the ceiling fan, spinning around, pushing the air down, spinning too fast for me to see the blades as more than a blur, unless I blink my eyes open for just a split second. I lay there and stare up at the fan in lieu of thinking or acting or sometimes even breathing. It's very predictable.

Lately I've been writing 1,000 words in my journal every night. Which seems to me like an odd perversion or at best a compulsion. Maybe it's the weird number-counting. But then I was explaining it to my therapist, and she was like, "Wow. It's hard to get people to write, like, a paragraph." Which just reminded me how much our society codes certain things as "good" and "virtuous" and somehow my favorite things of like, reading books and writing down bullshit are now placed in the same category as other supposedly unpleasant but socially virtuous activities like exercising or eating organic or volunteering. Which I basically like all those things, too! But when they have the veneer of a certain social class, and a certain desire to be seen a certain way—it gets hard to tease out where the pleasure lies. For me, I try to approach the journal as a total indulgence, like eating ice cream from the carton or doing your eye makeup just so.



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-- whoops!! been busy with school works

-- had a very serius conversation today

-- i'm gonna go to the province tomorrow!! and get some vitamin sea~

-- i'm planning on changing my neocities site layout, but it's not too mobile-friendly

-- okay you know what i don't care


a small introduction to me if anyone sees this

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Hello. I thought this site looked neat, so I decided to join it. I'm liking it so far!

My name is sprite and I like comics, cartoons, art, video games and food!

I also enjoy obscure/weird/surreal/disturbing media, adult swim, jazz and some anime.

He has not left my head in 3 months.

Yeah, so, that's pretty much it.

Have a good day!


Right now I'm hyperfixating on computer/robot stuff because of a game character.


About News Trails

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News outlets like a never ending tale. They break one story one day and build up a bunch of unanswered questions and then move on to the next thing the next day, never closing the book on the previous story. The story dies and is forgotten without any real resolution.

News Trails is an effort to follow the meta story that the news is telling, across different articles, in a day-by-day fashion, and closing out the story when it's done.

A News Trails post will be continually updated until the tag in the caption says [Closed].

News Trails 1

[Closed] America-Russia Tension

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Anthony Blinken says that the main goal is a weakened Russia, not a liberated Ukraine


Moscow accuses the USA of a proxy war in retaliation to the above comment

Note: This is a Trails post, and was/will be updated until closed.


Russia releases an American prisoner as part of an exchange, easing tensions


President Biden asks for $33 Billion more in funding for Ukraine. Reiterates that the USA is NOT at war with Russia


What started off as a premonition of relations advancing towards even more brinksmanship concluded with a prisoner exchange, and a clear declaration that the USA and Russia are not, and don't intend to ever be, at war.

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Just because there wasn't water today

it doesn't mean the bridge is worthless

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Music I've been into lately♫♫♫

ɴᴏᴡ ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ: Telepath by Crystal Castles ───────────────⚪────────── ◄◄⠀▐▐ ⠀►►⠀⠀ 1:17 / 3:55⠀ ───○ 🔊⠀ ᴴᴰ ⚙ ❐ ⊏⊐

ɴᴏᴡ ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ: 3s' by Mindless Self ───────────────⚪────────── ◄◄⠀▐▐ ⠀►►⠀⠀ 1:17 / 2:30⠀ ───○ 🔊⠀ ᴴᴰ ⚙ ❐ ⊏⊐

le headache clueless

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hi i just came back from spending over 8 hours working on a drum n bass jungle type song and let me tell you i feel very delirious. do not do that if you don't know what'll end out for you. what i've made so far turned out pretty secksxy but me spending way too long of time repeatedly relistening to the same track over and over had it start sounding wrong.

aside from that i also found out i dont have school till tuesday.

a relief and a blessing really

hope u guys are doin well!!!!!!!!!

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– click into it and clear data here ^

@ (not) adrian:

looks like you can ‘log out’ by clearing cookies in your browser.

for Chrome:

– go to chrome://settings/content/all

– search in the top right for ‘’

hope this helps!

– refresh the site to check if you’re signed out

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is there a way to log out because this account literally doesnt belong to me



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-- honey chicken teriyaki!! my fave!! <33

-- i changed my profile pic yesterday, will it show up?

-- i've been reading through my old notebooks lately, it's nice to see what was on my mind back then.

-- i miss my old stuffed toy tiggy :((

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hm, just had some chickpea pasta

could just be something I did wrong but the texture is just not good

it uh, kinda sucks?

passing through

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i’m just another digital wanderer, seeking out shadows of what once was

an old trans-masc artist

always seeking

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am i a bad person

and intentionally neglect them

when i get mad about raising nyorotchi over and over

i just want maskutchi,,,,,



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-- i'm not used to my bangs yet. . . feels like i'm wearing a shower cap all the time

-- i still have rina as my profile picture. . . am gonna change that later-ish

-- had the best fried rice in a long time

-- our laptop's finally fixed!! yay!!

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The future is





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so, I'm pretty good at mario kart.

(this good 🡫)

that is all. thank you for your time.

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one webcomic that's been on my mind this week: Aurora (!

look at all these cool characters

are you convinced yet?

go read it!!!!!!!

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lately I've been listening to Rhythm Future Quartet.

lots of acoustic instrumental jazzy vibes.

here's one of their songs, 'Treetops':



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what's up folks, I'm M-dash.

where do I start?

– cats are great!

– dogs are fine.

– 24 years old

– I play mainly nintendo games

– I read a lot of webcomics

– I'm quite fond of fonts

– I play piano and some guitar

– my music tastes are complicated, I'll go into more detail about them later

– I work in IT

– Illinois resident

– I draw stuff ⟶

introduction post wooo

good evening

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Hi it's me, your local unlabeled (both gender and sexuality-wise) human being Besto. Pronouns are all except they/them. I'm a Mexican mixed person of color! I'm about to be 18 in a few weeks, also I do comics sometimes here's one I really liked from a few days ago

I don’t know how this site works but it seems so cool I like it so far. I have a tumblr where I post most of my stuff ( if you’re interested lol) and also a spacehey account you can find me like Besto.