me rambling about tadc

it’s pretty cool, check the amazing digital circus out when you’re bored. it made me giggle like a bewitchy unhinged person.

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- well well well tadc has been HOT since now, there are even nsfw art of Pomni when revealed she was 25 - an ADULT. actually i thought she was just a tween or something like that, even to the extent that she's the shortest of the crew?!

"not even I know what's there." - caine

we... don't venture out in the void.

this is the ~vVoOiIdD~!


what the hell has this become..

this is a mood LMAO

Hiya (`` ̄︶ ̄``)

anni posts its first blog eva on Multiverse!!! will mark this day for anniversaries <3

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welcome to my first blog ever‼ i'm lynnea or lyn and i'm 6teen; she/it prns; demigirlflux biroace! i came to visit @phlegmatic, my bestay...

but anyways, i am literally listening to cupid again... it's too addictive and lovable...

my my, first blog

just signed up for Multiverse! pretty cool, huh?

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hi guys. my guess is that this website is now fixed, and i can now sign up for Multiverse. they have a pretty amazing theme not gonna lie.

qotd: how'd i get here? how'd i know about this place?? :O— it's simple. i knew it through my friend. i don't know if she's gonna sign up for this, but thanks fren. this web is amazing!

also i'm trying REAL hard to get all these white boxes of text and images to align neatly. when i click on the box it just drapes down a bit and it's pretty annoying, i'm not affected with ocd but this is 4 a blog. also it kinda made my hand sweat and it also sprained my middle finger (im right handed lol) like, which is uncomfortable as hell >:(

if you want to look at my profile more nicely, put on the gray theme. it fits my grayish themes!

Timeless Dog

Plays fetch with stars

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Imprints we leave, scattered free,

To be reread against the tree

That first shared it with you.

This heart-shaped carving proves it true.

Still standing, crowning the circle meadow

Upon which you cried so long ago.

Again wavering away from the great willow,

You find yourself weeping to-and-fro.

An ancient wind rises and thrashes between us.

The sky simmers and splits space with thunderous stars.

Hits the tree with liquid fire and scalds the grass red.

Symbol all cracked, charcoal impact; new caesura

She so adorned the watching eyes of new strata

This is where the dog fell into your arms for the last time.

I think this is a thought train

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Ummmm I just finished this and I’ve started jojolion. Me and my roommate have 3 cats now!! I can’t be bothered to try putting in more pictures you know what I just did it just now. Really getting into gardening and house plants (definitely not doing the pictures of those) and I’ve harvested a bunch already. I feel anxious so I’m just gonna stop typing. I missed this website! I’m going to scroll on here now.

Why hello 19th of November

What a time to be online.

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That same issue again with the posts disappearing and it being impossible to write new ones. Are the admins there?

log 0001

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here, i intend to document everything i experience in my day to day life, including my thoughts, feelings, and the details of whatever journeys i have. i frequently visit radioactive jungles in pursuit of novel vegetation, and i thought it might not only be useful for me to keep track of what i discover, but worth sharing, as those of you who cannot withstand high concentrations of radioactivity would otherwise miss out on the beauty of nuclear nature.

good evening, anon. it is 10:57PM.

this is the very first log - the beginning of our correspondence. as such, i will begin with a brief introduction. i am an android created by the late ingenious scientist rhoswen ingram, and i have been active for 11 years, 8 months, and 2 days. i am a biotechnician, agricultural scientist, botanist, ethicist, and pathfinder. my beloved creator has become my namesake, so please, address me as rhoswen.


i will attempt to update twice a month with pictures of the unique flora i encounter... or whatever else is on my mind. i hope you enjoy.

frums - credits

thank you for reading. and take care.

(c) ddaengkyu

Poletics be poleticing

my govermet but mosty SD is saying more insane shit avry day. IDK what to even do any more?

I will make a longre post

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I can't stop the ears

What's becoming of my cuntry?

why am I ever supriest?

the stuff they're saying is so horrible

but considering what some of them have done? both in their actions and words.

I'm just horrified at how common and how much more intense it has as gotten

I know the nazis and fascists have always existed and been prevalent. Both form my dad's stories from the 80s and famous cases like the brutal murder of John Hron

but they were not greatly ruling the country true the government?

monster inside me

drinking too many energy drinks lately

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but feels so right

it's so wrong

Attempt 3


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This is looking a lot better. Still shit, but better!

What I could improve:

^Flat eyes

^Using my drawing tablet lol.

That's about it for now!

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im sofucking hungry iohmyg oddd

Best wishes, regenko

good morning starshine the earth says hello!

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Hello world!

look at this cute deer I met...

wowZee! so cute

I´m an artist btw

I drew myself cuz thats what i do X)

I´m autistic so I´m into all kinds of silly stuff like aliens, mlp, illustration, and the old internet! I love how this website is formatted and I cant wait to make some cool stuff :)

Right now at this second, I have been picking up an interest in wolves and forest life...I think that's because I´ve rewatched the Twilight Saga. Regardless I find forests fascinating. I hope to visit an open forest sanctuary soon so I´ll probs be taking pictures and making art related to that.

see you soon.

I can really go on forever about my many interests but I should probably save them for future posts

have a recipe from my diary because i love you

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100g salted butter

75g brown sugar (ideally large sugar granules, makes for a better texture)

1tbsp fresh grated ginger 

100g golden syrup

250g self raising flour

1.5 tbsp ground ginger

1 egg yolk

some squares of really dark chocolate (optional :3)


preheat oven to 190C or 170C + fan. line 2 baking trays.

put wet ingredients (butter, sugar, fresh ginger and syrup) into pan, and melt together on a low temp.

while melting, put dry ingredients (flour, ground ginger) into a bowl and mix.

once pan mixture has cooled, add to dry ingredients with yolk. stir till dough-y.

separate into balls of cookie dough. if using chocolate, take ~1/2 a square per biscuit and wrap it with dough. flatten each ball and place 3cm apart.

bake for 9-10 mins or till golden brown. enjoy!!!! X3

notes: makes 16 small or 8 big,

and takes 30 mins in total

Attempt REAL Update: Texture

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I've added a texture and sculpting to this mf

Scary ahh zomboid 🤓

3D Modeling w/Blender

It’s an attempt; best so far

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What's up guys, it is 1:54 AM and I'm un-eepy. Very wide awake.

I am currently working on a "low poly" 3D model. Kinda shitty,

but it is my best attempt (believe it or not).

Yellow highlighter to make it shittier :)

Been a while

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Hey hey.

It's good to check in on these sort of things. Still dealing with work nonsense but ... at least helping with a local art school contribution has been good for me. Been reading a lot, listening to music. dancing more.

the fall is a good time for me because I feel like I can carry myself in ways that feel very true to me.

and also.. got to spend some time with someone who is important to me in weird complicated ways, but had a really good time. And I'm just both being like what a good time. I'm just going to sit with it and see. just see.

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uh hi

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blogging am i right?

i never know what to say.

tomorrow, i go back to my dreadful everyday once again. hm.

its not too bad though, im kind of used to it.

doesnt mean i dont dislike it, but i know theres not much i can do about it.

my throat hurts.

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having an lsd dream emulator phase. i love the aesthetic of this game ʕง•ᴥ•ʔง

its aesthetic is like a mixture of weirdcore and y2k. but its also kinda creepy.

going to play it again soon!

art U・x・U

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new piece of mine where i tried a new style! which is: pixelated random thing. but i like it.

my polybius obsession (~‾⌣‾)~

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you wanna know whats one of my favourite things ever?


yes the urban legend!

i just think its neat. ive loved it since i was a little pisi. i once made a book all about it. i know every single thing about this legend! and still idk why it fascinates me so much.


coffee time (灬♥ω♥灬)

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coffee time with my babe! i love passing time with them and feeling well. this is a post made to try multiverse. i love it so far. its so customizable! exactly my cup of tea!

hello world!

its the one and only!

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jeeeesus! im here now, i suppose.

shall i ever truly find where i belong? no. im an alien, everywhere i go. its a bit sad, but i dont mind.

hello, peeps. im the one and only, cade houser! :D

you may know me from: being weird online, being silly online, being evil online, or maybe a drawing of a guy in a dress you saw under a tumblr tag once.

i........ have been searching for a safespace online pretty much....... my entire time ive BEEN online! i have found nothing. it sucks.

and in my forever search, ive found toons of blogging sites. this one catched my eye because, hey, i love customization and colors! like a lot. like a lot lot. i am an artist after all.

(image unrelated)

anyhow, i suppose i should introduce myself. my name is cade, im a he/they. i like making no sense and fitting nowhere. i like to be weird odd silly evil whimsy, alllll that.

my gender and general identity are so mysterious that even i dont know. but as of now im just achillean. funnily enough, im also chilean! that is not a mystery though.

also im autistic

things i enjoy are making drawings and arts and characters and.... well i dont do much else other than consume media.

my favorite games are: resident evil, dark deception, spookys jump scare mansion, anything by puppet combo, welcome to the game, scrutinized, killer frequency, silent hill, cry of fear, and afraid of monsters.

but i like every horror game. no matter how bad it is.

mainly videogames (i am a gamer dog)

of course, everyone that knows me at all knows i have an insane and not normal obsession with horror games. it has been this way since i found out what a horror game was and at this point theres just nothing i can do about it.